Todays post is all about facial cleansers! I am going to take you through our top 4 picks, and thoughts on our favourite cleansing products. xx Sara

One of the perks of blogging about beauty products, is that we get to try out a lot of different brands and their ranges. With skincare though, you shouldn't really change the creams, serums, and cleanser that you use too often - as it takes a bit of time for your skin to adjust and get used to new products. We are no experts on this field, but this is just something that all of us have experienced over the years. So once you find a product range that you like, it's probably a good idea to stick with it for a while! 

The great thing is that we are 3 girls, and can therefor all try out different products at the same time. We have over the last couple of months, all tried the products each of us have fancied the most - and gone from there really. In this post we have collected our favourite skin cleansers, ranging from £9.75 to £69 per bottle - so it's something here for every budget :)  

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

This cleanser and makeup remover is one that we have all loved for many years, long before starting the blog. It was introduced to us during photo shoots at numerous times, as makeup artist are always using this one. Annabell, Zsanett and I use their product for sensitive skin, and this cleanser is truly very kind to the skin. You don’t get that burning feeling when applying the product, it removes makeup effortlessly so that there is no need to rub the skin around the eyes too much, and it leaves the face feeling nice and fresh :) 

This cleanser is the cheapest of all the products we have picked out for this post, and cost as little as £9.75. They even sell the product in a two back for a total of £15.70, which means you only pay £7.85 per bottle. I guess this is also one of the major factors as to why makeup artist tend to use it, as they must get through so many bottles at work! If you do happen to be in France by any chance and fancy trying out this cleanser, then make sure to visit a French pharmacy. They sell it even cheaper there – so I stocked up whilst in France skiing earlier in the year. The bottles are however 500ml, so they won’t be able to go in your hand luggage, but it last for ages! :)

So to recap, the Bioderma cleanser is very affordable, kind to your skin and is brilliant at removing makeup. Definitely a product we can recommend :) Buy the product online here!


We all got to try out some products from REN after recently attending their breakfast launch of one of their new products ranges (read the post here). We got products selected for us by REN-experts, specifically to suit each of our skin types.

I was given the gentle EVERCALM cleansing milk, as part of a set of products from this range. I have used all of these products now for about a month or so, and I really love them. Not just the cleanser, but also the day, night and Evercalm eye creams are fantastic. The products feel very light on my skin, and they smell absolutely amazing. I would describe the scent as refreshing citrus, but still fairly subtle and not too strong.

Evercalm is actually REN’s best selling skincare range. It trains skin to be less sensitive and protects against environmental aggression and pollution. Which is perfect for us who live in London, where pollution levels are particularly high (yuk!).  

I tend to use this cleanser in the morning before or during my shower, to get my face nice and clean before getting on with my day. I might also use this product in the middle of the day after getting back from a round of castings, spending lots of time on the dirty underground, and just feel like I need to clean the dirt of my face immediately once I get home again.

The price for this cleanser is also very affordable, £17 for 150ml bottle. The good thing is that you don’t need much, so the bottle will last you quite a long time. We absolutely recommend you to check out this cleansing milk from REN, as well as the rest of the Evercalm range. Find all of the products here!


So I'm actually not the one who has been trying out this energising cleanser from Elemis - Zsanett has! She has however given me some pretty detailed feedback, so I'll give you a run through of what she said about this lovely product :) 

First, lets start with some info about it. The cleanser is part of the BIOTEC range from Elemis, and is a collection of energising skin care products. According to the elemis.com website these products will help you reboot your skins performance, as well as being scientifically proven to increase cell energy (elemis.com). The products consists of ingredients such as encapsulated zink & copper, amber, trio of acid, and electrolytes. This skincare system is an anti ageing range, and therefor meant for a slightly more mature skin type. With active products like these, you might experience that you get breakouts if you don't need all of these type of ingredients just yet. We would therefor not recommend you use these products unless you are in your late 20s or older. The price of this product is £39.50 for a 200ml bottle, which makes it our second most expensive cleanser of the selection in this post. 

Zsanett has been using it for a little while now, and really liking it so far. She told me that this product is very gentle on her sensitive skin, and that it gives a nice and proper clean with minimum effort. The product packaging is pretty and delicate and the smell is quite nice (but reminds a bit too much of a older lady perfume... :P). Buy the product online here!






SAMAYA got in contact with us a few weeks ago, as they wanted us to try out their hydrating cleanser and give them our feedback on it. Now we have - and the cleanser has made it to our top 4 list, so I guess this is a good indicator already as to how we feel about it :)

About the brand and their products (from www.samayaayurveda.com): SAMAYA is an all-natural skincare brand based on Ayurvedic principles, which helps you achieve samadosha or a ‘perfect balance’ in your life, beginning with your skin. It combines two Sanskrit words: sama, ‘balance’ and alaya, ‘place’ to create a ‘place of balance’.

SAMAYA carefully curates the finest authentic elements of Ayurveda, marrying them with clinically proven active ingredients and anti-ageing compounds, to provide effective skincare through a relaxing, holistic experience.

The range delivers immediate results – wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin appears smoother, more balanced and radiant – while imparting a tangible sense of calm and tranquillity in the process.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 16.54.13.png

Before receiving the products, we had to answer a short survey on their website to discover our Dosha type to help select the best SAMAYA skincare routine for each of us. We had to answer questions about our skin, but also about our personality, hair and body type. In the end the survey determined which of the three types – Vata, Pitta or Kapha- was our dominant dosha. 

For Annabell and I, Vata was by far our most dominant dosha, but for Zsanett it was Pitta. 

SAMAYA is a product of high quality and also the most expensive of our 4 favourite cleansers, with a price of £69 for a 100ml bottle. It comes in a very pretty glass bottle, and gives you the feeling of luxury. It has a lovely scent, and a soft feel to the skin. We do very much enjoy this cleanser and feel very grateful that we get to try out such a unique product. You can find more info, as well as the option to purchase the product here!