The girls and I (Zsanett) decided to have a little work catch up the other day. So naturally we ended up going to a cute café that we could do a blog post on as well, called Café Miami in Hackney, East London. We've actually been meaning to check it out, as we've already been following each other on Instagram for a while now - but hey, better late then never.. ;)

Once we got there, I ended up chatting to the girl at the till whilst I was taking photos, and turns out that she runs the place! I got so excited since I always wanted to know how this kind of  journey starts. When a young woman our age decides to open a café and run it herself! So I asked Sophie to tell me more about it, and she was kind enough to put it all in an e-mail for me so I can share it with you all! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!


I moved in to The Strand Building at the end of 2015 and soon after I noticed that the Café downstairs was empty, so I contacted the landlord to see if they were looking for someone to take it over and they were! It seemed too good to be true that a Café was available in the building, as I had always dreamed of having an art deco style café decorated in pastels (just like my apartment is!)

The inspiration for the design of the café was mainly taken from The Strand Building. It’s a very unique art deco building, which was originally an electricity showroom - the decor of the café mirrors the art-deco style of the building and has a very bright and sunny atmosphere! When I moved in to the building all of my friends joked that I had moved to Miami, so that’s where the name for the Café came from!

My mum has been a food writer and editor for over 40 years, so my whole life has always revolved around food, eating out and feeding people at home. I also worked in a Café in Highgate Village for 6 years, when I was at school & university and I absolutely loved it, so I always held on to the idea of having my own place eventually. I worked in fashion for 12 years before doing this but I grew really unhappy with the industry. I was working & traveling too much and all for other people. I wanted to do something for myself, but also something that would make other people feel good!



I'm loving all the pastel going on here, it's just so cute and it must be one of the most "Instagrammable" places in London! I especially love the little board with the wifi password, and thought it was so funny! :) I also loved the cute pink coffee maker at the till, I want one of those at home too! :)


The food was amazing too! I was really tempted to try the waffle as well, but I just couldn't eat any more, as my healthy avocado on toast with grilled halloumi, filled me up so much. Especially since I even added chorizo to it as well! I guess there's always a next time.. :) 


The food combines a lot of the flavours of Miami - traditional and modern American with touches of Mexican & Spanish.
A lot of the dishes on the menu tend to be a combination of sweet & salty (eg. Avocado & Halloumi with Homemade Sweet Chili Jam and American style Waffles with Bacon, Blueberries & Maple Syrup).
I tend to like ‘naughty’ treats that remind me of my childhood, and I’ve created some homemade versions of these; including Oreos, Poptarts and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cookie cups as well as Fish Finger Tacos, which are on the Brunch menu.


Another really important, and probably the most personal, part of the café is the music we play - it’s a lot of 90’s r&b and hip hop, mixed with some more current grime and mellow rap. Like the food, it’s all about nostalgia for me. I love reminiscing and creating memories via music and it makes me really happy seeing people enjoy tunes that remind them of their teenage years just as they do me! I really want the atmosphere in the café to be a relaxed and happy one and I try to create that through the music we play.

I personally think it's a great idea. Good music makes such a difference, and I absolutely LOVE 90's hip hop and r&b - it just gets me in such a great mood. Well done Sophie! :)


Now would you take a look at this.. This is what a killer Instagram feed looks like to me - you can really tell Sophie used to work in fashion. She clearly has a very good eye for detail! Click to see Café Miami's Instagram HERE and their website HERE!

Thank you for reading, and make sure you go give  Café Miami a visit soon! :)