Today we'd like to talk about a new Beauty Blender we've received a little while ago, called 3D Silicone Blender

So far, all three of us were quite traditional with what we were using to apply our Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser, using either our fingertips, a sponge, or a brush. So no wonder we were intrigued to get Victor's e-mail from 3D Silicone Blender asking us if we were interested in reviewing their products. We got a blender each, so further down in our Review Video you can see all of us trying it out for the first time! :)  

As we weren't sure how to use the blender exactly, we were very pleased to have Victor be so thoughtful sending us a little "How To" guide e-mail as well as the story on how they all came up with the concept of 3D Silicone Blender! :)

"We recently ran a focus group with some very talented makeup artists who applied foundation using the most common applicators (brushes, makeup sponges, fingers and our 3D Silicone Blender).  Each type of applicator has a different method of use and it seems based on the feedback, using the 3D Silicone Blender as if you were using your fingers to apply product is the best way to achieve results.  When using your fingers to apply product you’d use a gentle touch because its firmer as opposed to a soft, flexible makeup brush/sponge applicator where you tend to use more force to blend product on the face.  When using the 3D Silicone Blender you want to use a short swiping motion to spread the product with a gentle patting to conceal and blend.  With the 3D Silicone Blender being a new, innovative makeup applicator there is going to be a small learning curve and we hope the pro-tips listed above will help you get the most out of your new 3D Silicone Blender!  Remember the old adage every parent preaches – practice makes perfect :).  Enjoy!"

I only realised later on that in the video I'll read this exact part of the e-mail where Victor explains how it's best to use the blender, but since I completely forgot, I thought I'd share it with you here rather! :) 


As they explain on the back of the box, the Blender is hypo-allergenic, bacteria resistant, latex free, non-toxic and cruelty free. Everything we like to hear! :) 

Check our YouTube video of us using the 3D Silicone Blender for the very first time and see what we thought about it!

I'd like to add tho' , as I cut that part out of the video, that the first time you use the blender, seeing it's got some glitter in it to make it look pretty and girly, it will leave some glitter on your face! The reason I cut it out of the video is that I've later on realised it was only happening during the first time of applying foundation with the blender, I haven't experienced it since! :)

Click on the link to see their website on www.siliconeblender.com!


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