Sooner or later you might fall in love with the wide leg trouser look for this season as well. I`ve always been wearing skinny jeans but now I found a comfy alternative: The WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I personally adore those comfortable and yet super stylish trousers, which you can combine with anything really. From sneakers, to heels, from white or black simple T-shirts to little cute blouses or even a white shirt. 

So I want to show you some casual styling options of 3 different wide trouser styles. I recently met up with a German/American photographer called `Riversideblues` in London, in some top secret locations to create nice content for our portfolios. We met luckily on a quite hot day in London where we explored some hidden corners, one of them was a secret garden. 

I'm just loving these striped pants, which I found in Hamburg whilst being there for 48 hrs. I had some time on my hands before leaving to the airport and wondered into H&M where I saw them on the hanger and bought them straight away without trying them on first. They are just extremely comfy and so easy to style - in this picture I combined them with a white body by H&M. I actually often get asked where they're from ;)



I bought those red trousers on holiday in Dubai - actually from a Spanish shop called Oysho

In summer I wear a lot of white but only if I have a tan ;) and usually I got some colourful bits to combine my white pieces with. Here I'm wearing a little cute top from brandy Melville with the red pants. Those are not only super wide and light, they also made me want to dance and swing my legs into the air :) basically they not only look good, they are also very practical. 


The blue pants are from Asos studio and are definitely one of my widest trousers. They almost look like a maxi skirt. I have to admit, when I wore them in Copenhagen for the first time, I had quite a lot of people starring at me..due to maybe quite strong winds which made the look ;)

However I do like them a lot and was able to meet up with Alex from `Riversideblues` again whilst being in Copenhagen. We went up the highest building in Copenhagen which is close to the harbour and enjoyed a stunning view with strong winds. xx Annabell

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