We have been writing every now and then about test shoots, photo shoots, behind the scenes or campaigns we did and also most important the negative side of the model industry etc. So this post is a special one for me (Annabell).

This time I want to write a little bit about the positive things I have experienced in this though industry. As you might have seen I’ve been doing lots of more personal shoots with photographers who have approached me directly through my Instagram profile. One of them is Kidcircus and the other one I recently worked with is Riversideblues. When shooting with either of them, I feel totally myself, I don’t have to pretend to be happy or smile for the camera. They just let me do `my thing'. I’ll bring my own clothes, which makes me feel more comfortable anyway.

I have to say that I'm not a super smiley person, so I find this side of me comes across in the more personal work I've been doing recently. I just love how sometimes self organised shoots can turn out super personal - like the one I did with Michael Hobdell in June, which I'm sharing today with you here.

This is where it started. A few months back Michael who's actually a colleague of my boyfriend reached out to me. I have worked with him before on the MOT Model campaign about 2 years ago in Ibiza, you can find the post here

Since then we kept in touch, we followed each others Instagram daily journeys until Michael said: he wants to shoot me in a studio, all analog. I loved his mood board, and how could I not say yes, when someone offers to shoot all on film!? Very rare theses days, but I feel that more and more photographer’s or people who are general interested in photography often now go back to the 'old school way' or lets say traditional way - I’m just loving it. Being myself very interested in photography I'm planning to start using my mums old Minolta camera soon. 

When shooting analog, you’ll never know how it all turns out, until you see the contact sheet. But I totally trusted Michael’s experience from working full time as a focus puller and spare time photo taker ;) In this post you can find some of my favourite shots of one look we did, literally in the last 5 minutes of the day, when the fantastic Make up artist Sarah McIlwain-Bates pulled out her white eyeliner and drew those ‘fine lines’ over my entire face. 

It just worked perfectly with the stripe trousers, the light set up and I just played around with my quite long arms ;) and there you go - I couldn’t be happier with the results. I'll definitely print one or two images out and frame it. xx Annabell  





Michael's collection of analog cameras. #LOVE

Michael's collection of analog cameras. #LOVE

Expired polaroid film

Expired polaroid film

THE IDEA: "I want to shoot on a mixture of different medias, mostly analog medium format, 35mm, polaroids and make a little film on a roll of Super8"

THE IDEA: "I want to shoot on a mixture of different medias,
mostly analog medium format, 35mm, polaroids
and make a little film on a roll of Super8"