Mat Pilates Vs Reformer Pilates

Never tried pilates before? Pilates is an intense workout of your “powerhouse” or abdominal muscles, which will give you strength, flexibility and a rocking core. Which Pilates is better? Mat or Reformer? They're both beneficial to building up your core strength and toning your muscles.

Both Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates can give you the exact same results. Pilates is essentially about strengthening the core muscles, but its about the control and precision of these moves that are key to the pilates method. Whether you chose to do Mat or Reformer, Pilates is working against resistance. I always like to start off with learning on the mat first, this gives you time to get the basics right. However if you are looking for quicker results and more variation in a Pilates workout look no further than a Reformer Pilates. 

Tempo Pilates is a comprehensive reformer pilates method to music.  We use the Tempo to provide a pace which result in classes that flow, controlled and precise mind & body movements each guided with a breath while encouraging centering and concentration.

It has a fresh, upbeat approach that’s fun, challenging and stylish that will transform your fitness classes from the hour you dread to the hour that leaves you riding high.

Reformer Pilates



It's almost the end of August and that means we saying `Thank you` to another fantastic guest blogger, James Shaw from Bloc.pilates, who has showed us some very cool pilates poses as well as wrote about anything you need to know about PILATES. Find his other posts about Bloc.Pilates here.



Fancy a Private Reformer Pilates Session with James. 

1 SESSION: £85

5 SESSIONS: £375

10 SESSIONS: £650