How you know something is trending hard on the high street? You find yourself maniacally looking for it all of a sudden. At least that's what happens to me. You see, the clever peeps of the Marketing Industry are masters of planting little seeds in your head in all kinds of ways. If they want you to buy a little red summer dress, that damn dress will be everywhere you look. The colour as well. But without it being way too much so that it gets overwhelming. They make you feel like you NEED that dress, you'll convince yourself that your wardrobe needs a little update, after all, you don't even own one yet, and you really need this colour in your life right now. So you'll end up getting it. 

So naturally I found myself looking for that cute little ruffled red midi dress with white polka dots I saw a few times on fashionistas and models. So I googled. I found the brand. It was too expensive (for me), seeing I live in London, and we had about 9 days of summer. You should know that as I'm writing this post, I'm wrapped in a blanket, like a burrito. So I ain't spending 180 quid on a dress I may only wear once or twice. So I looked further and I found a cheaper alternative. I know, horrible, I really should support the designers that put their effort into coming up with this cutie. I'm guilty. This is a whole different topic I'll get into soon tho', so let's not go down that road today. 

So! Dress has arrived, and I felt extremely satisfied. I mean. Isn't this a cutie? i feel like a little red dress has bean a real hit this Summer, makes me feel like I'm about to walk down on the streets of Cannes. Or somewhere in Spain. And with this crazy London weather, I don't know about you, but I'll grab every little reminder of Summer I'll get. Which this dress clearly is. ;)

So the original design is from Realisation Par, and the dress I ended up getting was from Floryday.


I mean. Just because I'm in a feminine dress, I still want to be super comfy. I'm known to live in my many trainers. They are just the best. I'm wearing my all white monochrome Converse pair. :)

What really makes this outfit for me, is layering gold jewellery. Gold hoop, rings, bracelet, and layers and layers of thin necklaces. Also, my wonderfully beautiful baby blue lace balcony bra from Fleur of England. Loving that soft pop of colour, very Lolita! ;)