This month we'd like to introduce you to an inspiring young woman, Sophie Wright. Sophie runs Café Miami in Hackney, East London. The girls and I decided to write a post on her spot, so once we got there, Sophie and I got to talking whilst I was taking pictures of the place, to make sure she was ok for me to snap some shots for our post.

As we were chatting I found out she used to work in fashion herself. So I naturally became curious as to how it really is to get out of fashion and do something completely different, to open your own café. Be your own boss! I imagine many of you lovely lot out there are hired to work somewhere, maybe even at a company that seemed to be your dream at the time, or maybe somewhere truly awful. At a place that isn't for you at all, or it used to be, but not anymore. Well here you go, maybe Sophie's story will be the little nudge you need to start a completely new life!

I'm aware of the fact we've already done a blog post on Ccafé Miami, where we've shared a little bit of how it all started for Sophie, I'd still like to quote some of what she has shared with us to refresh your memory! ;) If you'd like to see the full post, click HERE!

Keep your eyes peeled for up coming posts where she'll give you tips to make your life easier if you were to open your own place, as well as how different life is post "fashion". 



I moved in to The Strand Building at the end of 2015 and soon after I noticed that the Café downstairs was empty, so I contacted the landlord to see if they were looking for someone to take it over and they were! It seemed too good to be true that a Café was available in the building, as I had always dreamed of having an art deco style café decorated in pastels (just like my apartment is!)

The inspiration for the design of the café was mainly taken from The Strand Building. It’s a very unique art deco building, which was originally an electricity showroom - the decor of the café mirrors the art-deco style of the building and has a very bright and sunny atmosphere! When I moved in to the building all of my friends joked that I had moved to Miami, so that’s where the name for the Café came from!

My mum has been a food writer and editor for over 40 years, so my whole life has always revolved around food, eating out and feeding people at home. I also worked in a Café in Highgate Village for 6 years, when I was at school & university and I absolutely loved it, so I always held on to the idea of having my own place eventually. I worked in fashion for 12 years before doing this but I grew really unhappy with the industry. I was working & traveling too much and all for other people. I wanted to do something for myself, but also something that would make other people feel good!


The food combines a lot of the flavours of Miami - traditional and modern American with touches of Mexican & Spanish.
A lot of the dishes on the menu tend to be a combination of sweet & salty (eg. Avocado & Halloumi with Homemade Sweet Chili Jam and American style Waffles with Bacon, Blueberries & Maple Syrup).
I tend to like ‘naughty’ treats that remind me of my childhood, and I’ve created some homemade versions of these; including Oreos, Poptarts and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cookie cups as well as Fish Finger Tacos, which are on the Brunch menu.


Another really important, and probably the most personal, part of the café is the music we play - it’s a lot of 90’s r&b and hip hop, mixed with some more current grime and mellow rap. Like the food, it’s all about nostalgia for me. I love reminiscing and creating memories via music and it makes me really happy seeing people enjoy tunes that remind them of their teenage years just as they do me! I really want the atmosphere in the café to be a relaxed and happy one and I try to create that through the music we play.

What's also great about Sophie is that she is very hands on, I could barely get a minute to quickly snap a few pictures of her while I visited her last week to talk about our collaboration. :) It's of course very busy and stressful at times to run your own place, especially if you are running a successful business like hers. It was quite full on the whole time I was there, so I decided to snap some pics of Sophie working away to keep myself busy. She does have help some days, but there is still lots to do as you can imagine.. We'll of course go into more details in future posts.

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You can also check the website to see opening times and the food menu! Click HERE to see!

I hope you are as excited as we are to find out more about her journey!