We hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! To start of this cold and wintery Sunday we decided to share a new video on our YouTube channel. This video is all about adding bounce and volume to straight and flat hair using the BIG HAIR rotating brush from Babyliss. 

This was under my Christmas tree :) The brush rotates whilst blowdrying your hair at the same time.

This was under my Christmas tree :) The brush rotates whilst blowdrying your hair at the same time.

As I (Sara) have very straight and flat hair, for me adding volume and bounce is always a bit of a struggle. I have been using a using a large hairbrush and a blow dryer for a long time, but find it really annoying and quite difficult to use and therefor started to look for some other options.

I discovered the BIG HAIR rotating brush from Babyliss, and decided to give it a go. Someone kindly bought this brush for me for Christmas, and this is now the main tool I use to style my hair. Can I just point out that I haven't been paid or given any products to do this video, so this is just me wanting to share my hair styling routine with you in hope that it will be useful. 




In this video I am talking you through how I use this brush to give my hair bounce and a bit of a lift. I did have a few issues with using this hair tool when I first tried it, but have now found a solution to this problem, which I'm also talking about here. I apologise for my slightly bad English accent, and hope you can understand what I am saying here :p If not, then please feel free to post any questions and I will get back to you asap :) 


  • I started off with newly washed wet hair by applying the bodifying foam from Nioxin to my roots

  • I also added a heat damage-protecting product from VO5 that is also a volumizing spray.

  • Then I blow-dried my hair until it was almost completely dry, but still a bit damp

  • Next I made sure I that brushed my hair thoroughly so that there was no tangles left in it, this is so that the Babyliss rotating brush could run through my hair smoothly without getting stuck (although it still did – but only once :P)

  • The last thing I did was to run the BIG HAIR rotating brush through all of my hair, focusing mainly on the front bits, until I was happy with the amount of bounce