So as we had a 'Beauty weekend haul' here on the blog I thought I'm going to continue it and show you what beauty products I use for a 'natural casting make up look'.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel slightly uncomfortable when it looks like I’m wearing a lot of make up during the day. I'm more a casual girl anyway who prefers 'less is more'. On my days off I mostly don’t wear any make up at all, to let my skin breath. For castings I always like to go for the ‘no make up - make up’ look when actually I am wearing make up.

Casting directors and Model agencies always ask to see models looking natural. It's about showing the client what you really look like. This means wearing little to no makeup. 

Before you apply any make up – you should have a good skin care routine so you apply make up to the cleanest and freshest skin. This makes all the difference! I start my morning routine with cold water and just a pea size amount of the lovely scented Omorovicza cleansing foam which I've been using for a while now and can’t do without it anymore. I also use it in the evenings.



Foundation or BB cream: I actually prefer a nice and smooth BB Cream with SPF 25 like this one from Clarins, to smooth out my skin's natural complexion.



I always use an eyelash curler and then Mascara just needs to be softly swept across your lashes – nothing too heavy or clumpy. I love the ‘They're real mascara’ from Benefit a lot or the ‘Roller lash’ is also one of my favourites by Benefit. 

I have an obsession for lip balms, which means I have always lots of choices ;) but my new favourites are now the ‘Lipstick queen’ lip sticks for example Mornin' sunshine  that transforms your lips into a super flattering and fun peach coral!

Or to keep it completely natural I usually tab a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on the lips or the multipurpose Dr. Lipp ‘nipple balm’ – for a super natural, sexy, subtle lip. 



Last but not least, I love using the cream blush 'cloud paint'  PUFF by GLOSSIER. You simply dab it onto your cheeks for a healthy and fresh look. I also often add a bit of my Benefit 'Galifornia' peachy blusher on top of the creamy blush. And finish the look with some highlighter - like this one from The Body shop added on top of my cheekbones, the nose as well as on top of my lips. 



This is actually not only my casting make up its basically my day to day make up - hehe! Hope you like the product tips! xx Annabell

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