Annabell Ratter for Anthropologie

If you are lucky you might have 2-3 regular e-commerce clients who might book you on a weekly basis or at least once a months for one of their studio shoots. 

In this case Annabell has started working for a very well known American brand Anthropologie. You might be familiar with this brand? They do have a few shops here in London, one of our favourite stores is in central London on Regent street just off Oxford Circus where you can find a wide range of clothes from women’s apparel and gorgeous accessories, intimates, home furniture and décor, beauty and gifts. If you are ever in London, especially before Christmas you should pop into one of their shops.

Annabell firstly got introduced to the brand Anthropologie many years ago when she was visiting San Francisco. She immediately fell in love with their home decor. Seeing that she now models for Anthropologie makes it even more special for her. 

In general in London e-commerce shoots are very common due to the many fashion retailers who are based here. So working as a e-commerce model in London is often your bread & butter and almost every model wants to have at least one e-commerce client for regular bookings, as this makes the uncertainty of this profession and the unsteady income a little bit less stressful. 

Annabell Ratter wearing wool jumper for Anthropologie

Unrecognisable images


Recognisable images

There are two different categories. One is unrecognisable e-commerce photos, which means that the face of the model is not shown in the picture. 

Usually the models face gets cropped from underneath the nose. These unrecognisable jobs pay less than the recognisable e-commerce job. Also the client often wants you to do very simple poses, which means you don’t need to move your body too much or show any face expressions and often you can get through way more looks in a day. Its also often the case that no make up is done at all or you just have to apply a base make up and tie your hair up. With all modelling jobs good looking skin and hair is very important and necessary. As then client will save a lot of money if the models skin is flawless and doesn’t have to be retouched too much.




Recently I’ve modelled for a new brand called autumn afternoon who sells super comfortable dressing gowns. On set we have shot not only some recognisable e-commerce images of me but also some Look book images. As the brand only got 1 dressing gown in 3 different colours, we were able to shoot a Look book editorial as well as the e-commerce images within 4 hrs.

2018 August - Annabell Ratter - Eva Haftmann 2.jpg
2018 August - Annabell Ratter - Eva Haftmann 12.jpg

When it comes to recognisable jobs, your hole face will be featured in the images. This means that a make up artist is usually on set to prep your hair and apply make up for the pictures. Most clients prefer a very natural make up and hairstyle. Also It’s very important that you arrive with your hands and feet freshly manicured/pedicured. 

The brand Anthropologie likes to feature their models faces in the images, even when it comes to taking images of their many amazing jewellery bits. Which you see below where Annabell is wearing a pair of earrings. As those images are always quite fresh and simple, Annabell’s agency likes to even use some of them in her portfolio. 

If you have any questions about the modelling industry, then just drop us an email to info@the4ofus.co.uk we are always happy to hear from you and give advice.