Jennifer Koch - for Zara Online

Hi everyone,

I’m Jennifer, a knitter/model based in London. I met Annabell through our amazing agency Linden Staub in April. And I am currently teaching her how to knit (she’s doing amazing btw). Annabell introduced me to the other girls at THE 4 OF US who invited me to be their December guest.

A bit about me - I started modelling after an internship at a small label in my hometown in Germany. The designer used me as a fitting model and I ended up having my first ever photoshoot and show for her. I realised that I could make a little bit of extra money with modelling and signed my self up at an agency. During my BA studies in Germany modelling quickly turned from a little bit of pocket money to my only job to support myself during my studies. After I graduated I took a gap year to test out modelling full time, and it went really well. The next four years were the most intense and exciting years of my carrier. During that time I worked for amazing clients such as Garnier, Kenzo, Zara, Free people, La Roche Posey, Vichy, Bodyshop, &other Stories and Replay.

After moving to London I started travelling extensively. It was very exciting, but something was missing. Travelling all the time made it hard for me to be creative. I would start something at home, but then suddenly have to leave for weeks. Then by the time I would come home again, I would abandon whatever I started weeks earlier. Thats when I started to pick up knitting again. I learned knitting in primary school, but it was something I would pick up every couple of years to make a small project. Knitting was something I could easily take with me, something that eased my mind when I was stuck in an airport for hours, something that made me happy. I got completely hooked!

In 2015 I decided to fully focus on knitting and started an MA at the Royal College of Arts in Knitwear. The MA gave me a deep understanding for machine and hand knit. During the MA I also started to work for the Swiss yarn company, Lang Yarns, as a Model. Quickly this Yarn company gave me the most amazing creative opportunities. Not only did they sponsored my MA with yarn, they also gave me the opportunity to design their 150th anniversary collection. And since then I have been working for them as a designer, something I can do besides modelling full time again now after finishing my MA.


Jennifer Koch - Model and Knitter


We are very excited to have Jennifer on board as our guest in the last month of 2018 - and want to wish her a warm welcome.

Jennifer will be sharing posts related to both knitting and modelling during her time with us - and is currently taking us through some knitting patterns for beginners that she has made especially for us. We will be sharing the results of our knitting experiments, as well as the patterns, towards the end of the month!

If you want to find out more about our guest blogger then click here to visit her Instagram account @jenakincatwalker

You can also find her modeling portfolio with Linden Staub here!