5 reasons to visit Antalya

I mean I didn’t need a whole lot of convincing myself…

But here are a few that will make you want to hop on the plane straight away!

Now please note that this post is not trying to be a Travel Guide, but more of an observation I have made and a collection of facts that have impressed me during my week long stay in Antalya. Hope you will enjoy, please feel free to comment any questions you may have! xx Zsanett

5 reasons to visit Antalya


This trip was not planned at all, I have to add, so it’s not like I’m a travel Vizard, but couldn’t have worked out better than it did with this trip.

It all started with me (Zsanett) moaning to my friend saying I really wanted to travel before the cold hits us but didn’t know where to. I have had a quick three day trip booked to Barcelona with my girls, but that was it really. I wanted more.

Just so it worked out that my friend Tabby has booked to go to Antalya for dentist appointments. I know, really? Yes really. She has told me it is so affordable to get your teeth done in Antalya, that it’s worth the flight and the hotel stay and you are still saving money. Good to know! Anyway, so once she has showed me the 5* hotel we could be staying at for 6 nights, sharing a room with two separate beds, UPGRADED to See view AND breakfast, I have immediately said YES. It costs £263.00/person for the whole stay at the hotel below called Akra. Unbelievable, right??

*most images are from Booking.com

5 reasons to visit Antalya


A Cheese platter from Room Service for £4.70? Or a Club Sandwich for £3.90? Yes you are seeing right. And that’s at a 5* Hotel. Imagine the prices in local restaurants!

Once I have arrived I was so exhausted, managing to get only 2 hours of sleep before having to go to the airport, that I just couldn’t be bothered to leave the hotel, so Tabby and I headed to one of their restaurants. I was mentally prepared for the high prices you could expect at a 5* facility, but just had to go with it as I was about to collapse.

To my biggest shock, the whole menu was so extremely cheap-compare to London prices that is, we just couldn’t believe our eyes. So we ended up sharing a giant Turkish style salad and a bucket of chicken wings as starter, had tea and juices with our fillet steaks-those amazing quality thick cuts as a main that came with chips and salad and payed £15.00 each. That was our most expensive meal throughout our stay.

When eating out, at local restaurants, nothing fancy but ones that are on the main street of Old Town, so still quite touristy, you can easily get a meal for less than £2.00, which is quite incredible. Excuse the lack of food images, I have not thought I’d be writing about food when I was there, so the only ones I could gather was my insanely cheap room service Royal Club Sandwich for less than £4.00 and my insanely tasty Turkish meal called Iskender that is thin slices of lamb or beef in tomato based sauce, served over cubes of pide bread with a scoop of yoghurt and grilled vegetables by the side. This was definitely one of my go-to meals while staying there. And the fillet steak. And the spicy chicken wings. All of it really. I ate a LOT. :))

My longest taxi ride was from the Airport to the Hotel and I payed less than £10.00. Most trips would be about half of that. And that’s just cabs. Imagine public transport!

5 reasons to visit Antalya


Full of things I sadly couldn’t fit in my suitcase, like these hanging lamps that I wanted so badly, or the stunning rugs.

What I did get however is loads of gem stones accessories, Turkish instant tea, that is to die for-bit sweet but so yum, and of course Turkish delight. The prices are yet again very affordable, so had to really control myself when visiting the markets. They have loads of leather goods as well-which I wasn’t interested in this time, they are famous for their excellent gold and silver prices and spices as well.

5 reasons to visit Antalya


“The Duden Waterfalls are actually two separate natural attractions within the City of Antalya. Upper & Lower Waterfalls.. Lower Duden Waterfall is a spectacular cascade that occurs as the Duden River spills off the Antalya City cliffs into the sea. You can feel the droplets of amazing Duden Waterfalls ending at the mediterranean, swim nearby and enjoy the mesmerising sightseeings of the city, mountains and forests by the Antalya Shores. Shoot some attractive photos to share with friends and family on a daily private boat trip. The Upper Duden Waterfalls are a series of small cascades in a tranquil municipal park. When visiting the upper falls within the park, don't miss climbing down a spiral staircase that leads into a cave behind the waterfalls. This experience affords fabulous views through a curtain of falling water.” -from Tripadvisor


Last but not least. This was something that really impressed me. I have not had the same experience years ago when I spent two months in Istanbul at the start of my modelling career, but maybe things have changed since then. What I really wanted to highlight is that during the whole stay I felt at ease. Everything was just so relaxed, people weren’t in a rush, everything was so calm and quiet, we literally could have been whispering and it would have been ok. We have come across very polite people both when being served at restaurants, shops or even in our taxi drives.

Once for example we have misunderstood our lovely elderly driver when he took us to see Duden Waterfalls, as he offered to wait for us while we look as there weren’t many cabs driving around the area. We of course said yes, but thought first-due to language barriers that he said he’d come back to get us. We payed him the 30 Lira the meter was showing and left. Once we realised he also got out and is walking around enjoying the view we clicked. He is waiting for us! He even showed us more things to see once we thought we have looked at every angle possible, and walked with us a bit. When it was time to go back, we sat back in the taxi where the meter was showing 40 Lira, and we couldn’t decide if he left the meter running, or started a new one since we have given him some money before. Once we have arrived back, the meter was at 60, we gave him that exact amount-which is less than a tenner in Pounds btw, and he kindly given us 30 back motioning that we have already payed half. He could of just driven away with his money right? How kind of him not to take advantage?! We are certainly not used to people like this anymore, so of course we ended up tipping him 20 more for being so kind. :)

This was just one of the examples of the kindness we have felt over there. Hope this post has made you want to visit, I can highly recommend it! :)

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