Image by  Bianka Csenki

Image by Bianka Csenki

Hello ladies and gents, Kiki Minkova here!

First of all,Happy New Year! As much as it’s a cliche, let’s start reinventing ourselves, right?! Goals are amazing and even more if they seem unrealistic.(yesyesyes)

I became a Londoner more than 4 years ago when I got accepted to Kingston University and started my art foundation then, did my bachelor degree at Middlesex University, London. I am a Bulgarian, from Budapest. Yes, strong eastern European loudness very much involved. 

I mean I would have done probably anything to move to this city, I was obsessed with the life I was seeing going on in here. The music, the fashion, the events and the people. I grew up listening to many British bands-Spice Girls plays in the background. Im kidding, more like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, their way of playing dress ups was something I was going crazy for. I really wanted to hug it all in as much as I can, therefore uni was my way to go, very rock and roll I know.

Jumping into the present, I’m a recent and very proud (screams internally) BA Fashion Communication and Styling graduate. It’s a fairly new course at Middlesex University. It involves photography, filmmaking, styling and art direction.Through my uni years and continues I was trying to get into as many assisting jobs I could, to breath the same air as some of the biggest and iconic artist a.k.a picking their dry-cleaning up-more on that later tho’. So yeah, here I am a Photographer, Filmmaker figuring out the next steps while taking hundreds of them at the same time.

This brings me to the topic of my blog posts, I will be talking about life after UNI as an artist, the intern life ,how to be a fashion-photography assistant, what is it like, how it feels and get you a little insight into that world. 

Even, how I am here on THE 4 OF US has so much to do with that, big thank you for the trust girls, I hope you will be carried away with my stories & very much entertained.

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