My time as a guest blogger is coming to an end and a new year is approaching fast. I’m super happy and grateful that I had the chance to be part of THE 4 OF US during December. 

This will be my last post here, and we are now very excited to show you what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks. Some of you might have seen the Instagram stories of us meeting up and getting our knit on. 

Since we are all on different levels of our knit abilities, with quite a different amount of experience, I designed 4 pieces that cater to different levels. From a design for a complete beginner, like Zsanett who had never knitted before, to a more advanced design which I have knitted myself. Further down in this post you can see what each of us have knitted, and you can also download the patterns for these 4 designs completely for free.

If you haven’t knitted before, or need a little reminder of how to do it, then you can find some handy ‘step by step’ videos at the very bottom of this post. These videos will show you everything you need to know to get started with knitting, the 2 easiest designs in this post (the scarf and the beanie).

We’ve all been using yarn from Lang Yarns. This is a company that I have been working with for several years now and I am so happy that they wanted to sponsor us with some yarn. For these pieces, we used the yarn called FIRE from their WOOL ADDICTS collection. This is an amazing beginners yarn since it’s chunky and therefore easy to work with. It feels very soft and I have been wearing my jumper non-stop since I finished it a few weeks ago.



Zsanett's Scarf - knitting pattern for beginners


Zsanett was brand new to knitting so I designed an easy scarf for her. Starting to knit can easily be overwhelming, so I wanted to keep it simple an easy for her. I therefore put together a stitch pattern that only requires knit stitches, as I think this is the way to go for people starting their very first knit-project.

Comment from Zsanett: I am, as stated a beginner, and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Will I enjoy knitting, seeing I’m a very impatient person? Will I be able to finish the piece Jennifer had planned for me? I was full of questions. Luckily I had all three girls by my side the day I started my scarf-as you can imagine, I had to ask so many times how to do certain things.. I felt confident enough to keep going after the first afternoon practicing, but failed miserably. I’ve already had such a stressful time by then, I was really struggling to sort something silly, and since the girls told me knitting is so relaxing, I thought I might as well continue with my scarf. First of all because I had a time limit to keep, second of all it’s relaxing. It is, but only if you have a little idea of what you are doing. I have to admit ,I nearly burned my balls of yarns right then and there. Haha. BUT. Once Sara helped me correct my mistake I have tried again and actually ended up really enjoying knitting! I have even managed to finished my scarf, that now my mom wears oh-so proudly- ;)


Annabell - Knitting Pattern for Starters Beanie


Annabell had already learned to knit prior to this project and therefore had some experience already. Back in September Annabell and I met up quite a lot, as I was helping her to start knitting for the first time. She started with a chunky cardigan as she had already bought the yarn and pattern 2 years earlier, but didn’t know how to get started.

In order to give her something she could do besides also working on the cardigan, I designed a little hat (beanie) for her. This project is perfect for people who want to practice knit and purl stitches.

Comment from Annabell: As mentioned before I started knitting only in September but got hocked immediately. Of course I made tones of mistakes first but after meeting up with Jennifer a few times I learned to undo the mistakes and really got into it. She designed a pattern for a chunky beanie which didn’t take me too long and as I’m a big fan of beanies I’d like to start another one with the same pattern but just in a different colour. My cardigan is so far only half finished, once I’ll be back in London after the xmas break, I want to crack on and finally start wearing it. I can’t wait to show you the chunky cardigan hehe. Overall I find knitting super relaxing and are now able to manage to knit while watching a film ;), without making too many mistakes.


Sara Cardigan - Intermediate pattern


Sara is a more experienced knitter, she has been knitting scarfs and hats before, so for her it was time to knit her first full garment. She asked me to design a cardigan for her, which I gladly did. Sara is a tight knitter, so her cardigan ended up being a bit smaller, so if you feel like your knitting ends up being a bit tight I would advise you to swap to bigger needles. Always check the gauge and take the time to make a tension swatch. Her cardigan turned out amazing though and she can be so proud of herself! Her cardigan is size S-M.

Comment from Sara: I’m very excited that I have now managed to knit my first ever full garment. I spent 3 weeks on this and I was knitting a lot during this time. I would recommend fellow ‘knitter-beginners’ to give yourselves a bit more time. Previous to this I had only knitted a few hats and scarves, so I was quite inexperienced going into this project. There were, of course, some things I found tricky along the way. Especially when picking up masks to start working on the neckband, but it was all very manageable at the end and the perfect design for someone at my level. So thank you Jennifer for designing this for me and for helping me throughout the process :)

You can download this pattern for free further down in the post!


Do you see how the neckband here is way to tight, making the bottom edge of the cardigan turn upwards (rather than falling nice and straight)? This is obviously wrong and a typical beginners-mistake many people, like my self, do.

I, like Jennifer said earlier in the post, knit very tight. I don’t know why I just always have. I like how it makes everything look very nice and tidy, but I’m aware that it’s also a sign of having little experience. So for my next project, I will definitely go up one bigger size of needles. The problem with my cardigan occurred when it came to casting off the stitches, both with the arms and on the neckband.

When casting off, I did this extremely tight, making the edges far smaller than how they are supposed to be. This meant that I could barely fit my arm through the shoulder bit. Then the neckband got such a tight edge it ruined the whole shape of the cardigan like you can see here in this picture. I also sawed on one of the arms upside down so that the seem was placed completely visible at the top of the arm.

I think the main reason behind all these mistakes I made is that I was rushing. We all had to finish our projects by the middle of December, in time to photograph it together before flying back to our home countries for Christmas. As I only started knitting this cardigan 3 weeks earlier, I ended up rushing quite a bit at the end. And when you are rushing you make mistakes (at least I do). So I ended up having to open up the edge of the neckband and cast off once more, but the second time make sure I did it suuuper loose. I also had to take off both arms, and open the edges here as well to make them looser. In the end, I’m happy with the result (photo of the final result above), and I have been using my cardigan quite a lot over Christmas already. It is so nice and warm :D I am now very much looking forward to trying something a little bit more challenging, because knitting this cardigan has given me a lot more experience and confidence in knitting.

I’m looking forward to my next project, and super thankful to both Jennifer and Lang Yarns for helping me create this cardigan throughout December :)

Cardigan knit gone wrong




This pattern is definitely a bit more difficult but perfect for anyone who wants to challenge themselves or were waiting for the right project to start knitting lace patterns. This Jumper is very big - I made mine in size L-XL since I am tall and love oversized jumpers.