Are you struggling to find a gift for someone who has everything? Or maybe for your friend or sister who simply just can't fit any more stuff into the small room she is renting in central London. Or how about a present for your mum, who never treats herself to anything special? Well, we have some great suggestions in this post for the perfect gift in these situations.

Why not treat your mum, sister or friend to a facia!? A facial appointment is a lovely opportunity for them to indulge in some relaxing pamper-time, whilst giving their skin a nice and healthy glow at the same time. It is the sort of thing that most of us LOVE to do, but often something we rarely justify spending money on. But if someone gives an experience like this to you as a gift, well then that's the perfect excuse to enjoy some proper 'me time’.

I mean, wouldn't you just love it if someone booked you a facial appointment, or maybe a massage or a pedicure service for Christmas? I (Sara) sure would, and so would Annabell and Zsanett!

In this post, we have given some suggestions for treatments we’ve tried and can highly recommend. We have also chosen services with different price points, to make sure we cover different needs :)

Please be aware that this is not a paid post by the featured brands, but all the treatments have been gifted to us. However, we have (of course) given a completely honest review of each treatment.

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Liberty is one of the most famous department stores in London, with its prime location and iconic building. The store itself oozes of luxury, and their beauty department is amazing. As soon as you walk through their doors, you will find yourself on the ground floor where all of the beauty brands are. The selection of products you’ll find at Liberty are just incredible.

Most of the skincare brands at Liberty offer in-house beauty treatments. Choose from a selection of high-quality facial treatments to be held in the beautiful Liberty treatment rooms. We’ve been lucky to have been invited to Liberty to try out some of these beauty treatments. Annabell has had a facial with Dr Sebagh, Sara had one with Eve Lom, and Zsanett has been to Omorovicza. So in this post, we will share our different experiences, and maybe one of the treatments will sound just perfect as a gift for your special someone!




After 20 years as an acknowledged expert in medical anti-ageing, Dr Sebagh created his own unique skin care range – Dr Sebagh Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare.

Dr Sebagh's advanced ageing-maintenance product range can be used to address specific concerns and to boost and support the skin's natural process of cellular rejuvenation. The products, as you would expect, benefit from the same, first class reputation as Dr Sebagh's professional services.

Their products are entirely paraben-free! No parabens are used in any shape or form in the Dr Sebagh Advanced Ageing-Maintenance Skin Care range.

Annabell was lucky enough and met the very experienced Tine Hagelquist who's the Senior facialist at Dr Sebagh Clinic in Wimpole Street, London. 

First, Tine examined Annabell's skin and then decided what treatment would be the best for her skin concerns. She started with the ‘Hydra Facial’ machine, which is a is a non-invasive, multistep treatment that combines the benefits of a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!) and a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. Which leaves your skin cleansed, smooth and super hydrated. She followed this with an LED light treatment which is relaxing, stimulates collagen and is used for treating mild to moderate acne. 

Followed by one of their bestseller ‘Skin perfecting mask’, which Annabell particularly liked the smell of very much. The face mask not only refines the skin it also reduces oil but leaves a protective layer to guard against UV rays and Pollution, which sounds like the perfect face mask for everyone living in London, right? 

After removing the face mask Tine gave Annabell a Lymphatic Drainage which is a gentle method of rhythmic massage which releases toxins from the skin, directing them towards the lymph nodes. 

This is part of the `Signature facial` which then was ended by a proper facial muscle work out, to reduce tension in the face, especially around the jawline. As most people like to hold a lot of tension in this area. 

Those treatments left Annabell's skin super smooth and glowing and she can highly recommend a treatment from Dr Sebagh. 

Also, Dr Sebagh offers some other treatments like the ‘Hifu Facial massage’, which is a tool (see picture below) which uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to tighten the skin muscles. As well as ‘Dermaplaning’ which is an effective exfoliating treatment in which a doctor or aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel (see picture) to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and (along with the peach fuzz on your face). The skin is left glowing and makeup glides on easily. This is something Annabell would be keen to try out. 

Treatments are currently available at Liberty London on the 12th and 13th of December, but will also be available again in the new year. To book an appointment call +44 (0)20 7734 1234 or email Vivian at Or you can also book directly treatments at the Dr Sebagh Clinic in London here.

Hydra Facial Acid Peel in progress

Hydra Facial Acid Peel in progress

The blue liquid is the solution, but the grey liquid on top is actually dirt from Annabell’s face. Yuk! London’s polluted air is definitely very bad for our skin. And once Annabell moved here she’s been experiencing lots of skin problems, so a facial like this every now and then is really needed!

The blue liquid is the solution, but the grey liquid on top is actually dirt from Annabell’s face. Yuk! London’s polluted air is definitely very bad for our skin. And once Annabell moved here she’s been experiencing lots of skin problems, so a facial like this every now and then is really needed!


Hifu Facial massage

Just for demonstration: ‘Hifu Facial massage’, which is a tool using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to tighten the skin muscles.



Just for demonstration: ‘Dermaplaning’ which is an effective exfoliating treatment in which a doctor or aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin


Zsanett had the pleasure of visiting Omorovicza Budapest at their Liberty treatment room for an Illuminating facial. This is a Hungarian brand and is highly influenced by the many Hungarian thermal springs and the country's spa culture that dates back hundreds of years. Did you know that Budapest alone has over a 100 mineral-rich thermal springs? Taking good care of your skin is a high priority in Hungary, and facials are considered essential maintenance—not a luxury.

Our Hungarian girl Zsanett lives by this too and has always taken very good care of her skin. It was therefor only natural that it was her who went to visit Omorovicza at Liberty a few days ago.

It is the Hungarian reputation and culture that has contributed to the success of Omorovicza. The Budapest-based brand was founded in 2006 and marries Hungarian skincare traditions with locally-sourced active ingredients, made even more powerful with the help of a Nobel Prize-winning dermatological laboratory (THE SKIN CARE EDIT).

The beautiful Omorovicza treatment room at Liberty London.

The beautiful Omorovicza treatment room at Liberty London.

The Omorovicza counter at Liberty.

The Omorovicza counter at Liberty.

Zsanett - Liberty Facial.JPG


Designed to leave complexion rejuvenated and glowing, this facial begins with a gentle peeling, enriched with copper for an anti-oxidant collagen stimulating punch. A unique facial massage soothes the senses and accelerates micro-circulation whilst an essence rose and peony mask plumps the epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Attention is also paid to all-too-often neglected hands!

60 minutes, £125 redeemable against any Omorovicza purchase on the day

Book appointment here!

Zsanett said that her skin was left feeling soft, glowing and full of new energy. She can highly recommend this treatment :)


EVE LOM - Liberty London


EVE LOM started with their iconic Cleansing Balm. Their belief is that irrespective of age, skin type or skin concern, cleansing with their original balm is fundamental to achieving a glowing complexion. EVE LOM believes flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin provides the perfect canvas for skincare to perform, allowing their products to achieve optimum results for your skin.

With over 25 years of expertise, EVE LOM utilises the highest quality ingredients in the most active formulations. Combining the best botanicals that nature has to offer with sophisticated science.


I (Sara) had their 60 minutes ULTIMATE CLEANSE FACIAL, in the stunning Queen Mary treatment room at Liberty. The very knowledgeable and talented therapist, Judith, started the treatment by accessing my skin condition. She quickly saw that my skin was both a bit dry and sensitive, and therefore chose products from the EVE LOM range suitable for my skin type.

Judith then cleansed my face using their famous cleanser balm, which felt very soft and gentle on my sensitive skin. Next I had EVE LOM’s iconic paraffin wax treatment applied to my face. This mask opens the pores and helps to improve circulation. It took about 15 minutes to apply the mask, and the warm wax made the process feel both soothing and calming. At one point I got a bit worried thinking it would hurt a bit when coming off, like when you go and get your hair removed through waxing. This was the case here! The wax came off super gently and it wasn't painful what so ever.

The next part of the treatment was the extractions. Judith asked me beforehand if I was ok with her extracting any congestions I might have, as part of the facial. I was ok with that - so we went ahead with the extraction. She was very gentle and used their signature muslin cloth whilst doing the extractions. Apparently, my skin wasn't very congested so she only pressed a bit harder 2 or 3 times around my nose and on my chin. I then had their Lymphatic Drainage massage where Judith used EVE LOM's Radiance Transforming Mask on my skin. This mask reawakens and reveals skin that looks renewed, supple and radiant immediately after use. The message was probably the best part of the facial, and it lasted for a long time - for at least 30 minutes. It was truly amazing!

To finish the treatment, I had a refreshing mist sprayed on my face before Judith applied EVE LOM's Eye Cream, Hydration Serum (for my dry skin), and their Brightening Day Cream.

It was such an incredible treatment, and my skin was left feeling very smooth, radiant and youthful! I would be so super happy to receive this as a gift for Christmas!

EVE LOM - Liberty London
EVE LOM - Liberty London


EVE LOM is one of the pop-up treatments that is offered at Liberty. Basically, some of the brands rotate on having some of the in-house treatment rooms. Same goes for Dr Sebagh.

When I went in for my treatment EVE LOM had the beautiful Queen Mary Room with its unique metallic roof and beautiful wooden walls. This room was originally designed specially for Queen Mary (1867 - 1953) to indulge in her passion for fine jewellery. How amazing is that us non-royals can now indulge in luxurious treatments in this very same room today!

EVE LOM offers treatments at Liberty for one week every month, and to check availability and make a booking you just call them on +44 (0)20 7734 1234 ext. 2306 or email

The treatment that I have written about in this post is the Ultimate Cleanse Facial. It lasted for 60 minutes and costs £120



THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden Oxygen facial treatment

Elizabeth Arden offers something called The Red Door Facial Bar and part of what they offer are three different speed services. They all last for 15 minutes and cost £15. The £15 is then redeemable against any Elizabeth Arden purchase, on the day the service is received. Why not get a treatment both for yourself and your special someone who is receiving this gift? Make a day out of it, with some shopping and maybe a cocktail before going for the treatment! They offer these treatments at selected stores across Europe, and in London, you can get this service done at the Elizabeth Arden counter in Debenhams on Oxford Street.

The speed treatments:


Let our skincare mixologists serve up a customised shot of O2 blended to breathe new life into your skin. The nutrient-enriched blasts help revitalise, recharge and re-energise your skin. Choose from the Elizabeth Arden menu of options: Lifting, Detoxifying, Brightening or Hydrating.


Give your facial muscles a power workout to promote lifting and toning. Highly customized treatments feature cutting-edge microcurrent technology to help fight gravity in areas that concern you most. Enjoy a relaxing massage performed with our most advanced formulas from Ceramide or PREVAGE® to help firm your skin for a youthful appearance. Shape up with your choice of 3 treatment options: Lifting, Sculpting and Eye.


This luxurious treatment is designed to boost your entire skincare routine from start to gorgeous finish! Featuring SUPERSTART Probiotic Cleanser together with Probiotic Biocellulose Mask, this unique service infuses potent ingredients where they’re needed most to boost your skin’s ability to renew, improve resilience and natural hydration. See skin that looks plumped, refined and radiant.

THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden Oxygen facial treatment
THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden Oxygen facial treatment

We all had the booster bar treatment when visiting Elizabeth Arden the other day. The service can be done over your makeup, but they recommend doing it on clean skin. As the treatment will have a better effect that way. The therapist will take off your makeup for you if you wish to have it removed before the treatment.

THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden skin scan.jpg


Once the makeup was removed, they started the treatment by scanning the skin to get a good overview of our skin conditions. That way they can find out which products are best suited for your skin, and use that as part of the facial. The process is very fast and completely pain-free. You'll then get ratings from A to C where A is the best and C the worst. The machine will also show numbers from 100 - 0 where 100 is the best score.

further down in the post you can see images of my results. My result for skin texture was really bad! Basically, this means that I had loads of dead skin cells and pollution clogging up my pores and that my face was in desperate need of some exfoliation. I only scored 14 out of a 100 here - whaaat. I'm not too surprised though. There is so much pollution here in London, and I have been pretty bad at exfoliating lately. That has changed by now!

Second one down is for pigmentation. Here I scored really well. Yay! So it proves that my thorough use of SPF-facial creams has done its job :) I also scored really well on brightness, and pretty ok on elasticity. The moisture level in my skin, however, was pretty low so there I got another C :(

Good news for me though, is that both skin texture and moisture is quite easy to mend. For the last few weeks, since I had this scan, I have exfoliated my skin twice a week as well as using loads of face oils and rich creams to bring back the moisture. Not to mention, drinking loads of water to hydrate my skin from the inside. I can really feel the difference in my skin already, but it would be really interesting to go back for a new scan to see if it has actually been a change for the better in such a short time. I was also told that the elasticity would improve once the texture and moisture had improved, as these elements are very much linked.

THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden facial treatment
THE4OFUS - Elizabeth Arden, skin scan.JPG

The oxygen blast felt very nice, and we also got a little face massage as part of the treatment. Our therapists Sidika and Simona was both very professional and lovely. During the treatment, the Sidika and Simona talked us through the products that they were using and why they were using them. I definitely felt like I learned a lot, both about my skin condition and about what products to use to improve it. The women working there were very sweet, and clearly had loads of knowledge about the products they were selling. The treatment is quite short (that's the nature of a speed-treatment of course), and we all left with glowing skin feeling energised and ready for our several meetings that day.

THE 4 OF US - Elizabeth Arden Oxygen facial treatment