Guest blogger Jennifer Koch in new campaign for GHD - watch the full ad further down in the post.

Guest blogger Jennifer Koch in new campaign for GHD - watch the full ad further down in the post.

In the last 10 years I have been so lucky to shoot 3 TV-commercials. Shooting a big commercial is like hitting the jackpot, they pay well and so many people get to see them. So for this post I am going to give you an inside of how a model gets a Tv- commercial and what is going on behind the scene.



Normally the casting process involves several levels. A video casting is the first level, normally taking place in a special casting studio. The Casting Director asks you to introduce yourself and then gives you directions of what their client wants to see. Sometimes they asked you questions to see how you react or to find out more about your character - ‘what does a perfect day look like for you?’ or ‘which famous person would you like to have dinner with?’ and sometimes they give you crazy directions - ‘swing on an imaginary chandelier!’, ’chase a penguin!’ or ‘a coconut just dropped on your head!’.

Sometimes you might not be in town for the casting, so you will have to make the video yourself with help of your flatmate, friends or a random person on the street. If they like you initially you get a callback, which normally includes meeting the clients and for a hair commercial they will take a close look at - well your hair. A couple days or weeks later you will hopefully get that email that confirms you for the job.


A day or two before your shoot-date you will normally have a prep-day. For GHD I got gloss treatment for my hair and a hair cut. They also tried different make-up options on me and finally I fitted the outfit for the commercial. A prep day helps to cut down on time during the shoot day since hair, make-up and outfit are finalised and provides time to alter any thing that might need tweaking. For GHD they shortened my cape and got the shoes in my size on the actual shoot day.


The team involved in a TV-commercial productions is big, and it can easily gets overwhelming just being in the studio. So a model normally has a member of the production team appointed to them who guides you from station to station, to make sure you get ready on time. They also keep an eye on you to know where you are at basically all times, in case someone needs you suddenly to go back to hair or to come on set for a light test. Your day starts in hair and make-up, then you get dressed while the set is being prepared and the lights set up. Sometimes you end up waiting around a lot, so it is best to come prepared - bring a book or in my case some knitting, find a sofa and relax. 

Once everything is ready you get to go on set. It can feel quite intimidating since there are so many people in the studio and all lights are quite literal on you. In my experience the team on set are absolutely lovely and professional and try everything to make you feel comfortable and happy. 


You might have spotted me in GHD’s most recent campaign: ‘Long Live The Queens’. I had such a great day filming my part for the commercial and now my friends are excited to see an ‘unexpected Jen’ popping up in stores and on TV. See the full TV-commercial below.