It’s my first day back in London since my one-week holiday skiing in Austria. I haven’t even been here for 24 hours and already someone has shouted aggressively at me on the underground. Yay, so nice to be back in this vibrant city….Why are we all so miserable when on the tube? I know it’s crowded and often hot and damp, but can’t we smile at each other from time to time?


So this is what happened to me today (I must admit I was partly responsible for the shouting). I had just come from my GP where I get a check-up every 6 months on some lumps in my breast. Everything is fine btw; it’s just a check-up to see that the completely none-dangerous lumps are still the same size and still nothing to worry about. Still, it is always a bit nerve-racking going for the tests just incase something actually has changed for the worse. But all was fine!  As it was a Monday morning, the GP waiting room was particularly busy and I had to wait for quite a while. But these check-ups are of course very important, so it’s worth the wait. However, I had a rather big casting (or so I thought) that I needed to get to straight after my doctor’s appointment. The casting was about an hour away on the tube, and I was already short of time when leaving the GP. Naturally I was running and stressing (like I usually do), in my high heels and protected by my bright pink umbrella - in hope of somewhat being able to save my hair from the unforgiving weather this day. The casting was for a big hair brand btw (I thought), so having nice looking hair was kind of important (or so I thought…. might see where this is going by now :P)

I got to the nearest station to find that all of the escalators were out of order, and people were slowly making their way down (and up) the steep stairs to and from the northern line. The tempo was going way to slow for my liking, and I had to somehow get passed the lady in front of me if I was ever going to have a chance of making my next appointment (lets call her angry lady from now on for simplicity). Suddenly angry lady stopped and there was a large gap until the next person waking upwards towards us would pass us. So naturally I found that this is the perfect time to walk past her. I certainly didn’t push pass her, I simply just used the other side of the stairs to quickly walk in front of her so that I could speed down the remaining steps. What I didn’t realise until after passing the angry woman, was that she had stopped to let an elderly woman pass (very kind I know). However this older woman was still about two meters away, so I didn’t even clock that this is why we were stopping. The angry lady was clearly upset by me walking passed her and was fuming and started to yell at me accusing me for pushing pass and getting in the older woman’s way. That in my opinion was a massive exaggeration. I did not in any way push my way through, and the older lady was not any hard done by from me quickly passing.

Was it rude and un-thoughtful of me? Yes, I guess it was to some extend, angry lady was after all just doing something very nice for the other woman, however I highly doubt that me passing made the situation worse… But had I not been in such a rush then I probably would have understood the situation better and would of course be more than happy to let the elderly woman pass us in the stairs. So I was genuinely sorry for making this mistake, but honestly didn’t think much harm was done at all. However angry lady in front of me (now behind me) was yelling so load that everyone around us started to turn and look at us, of course curious as to where all this commotion was coming from. I apologised to her and insured her that it was not my intention to be rude. Yet she kept on yelling, telling me that I wasn’t sorry at all. The more I apologised the angrier she got, almost running after me down the stairs (completely forgetting about this poor old lady she was trying to help). When she wouldn’t let me alone then I said that I would make sure to be more observant and thoughtful in future. Her response to that (very loudly) was: 'stop being such a condescending bitch!'. Nice one :) Can I just point out that this furious woman was probably in her late 40s, or early 50s, so it’s not like I had a moody teenager running after me calling me a bitch. I found the whole situation quite absurd, but also upsetting and very embarrassing. Anyway, maybe she was having a bad day... it was a rainy Monday morning after all. I did at least not intend to act rude or upset anyone, and I believe I’m usually quite thoughtful when it comes to helping others. So I am sorry to have made people upset...



I did eventually make it to the casting with about 1 minute to spare. There I found out that it was not at all for a big hair job, but for a smaller clothing company. That was fine of course and the brand and people there were lovely, but it was not for a big beauty campaign like I thought and it is a long way to travel for over an hour each way for a smaller job. I went in to the casting and felt it was going pretty well, until they said ‘you are free this Thursday right?’ I was not free… I was flying out to Norway that Thursday morning. I think they felt quite sorry for me, and said that they would take my details anyway and keep me in mind for future shoot, only to discover that I was also completely out of model cards – haha. So all of this traveling, stress and underground yelling was all for nothing :P Great way of spending half of your first Monday back in London right?

Wishing you all a better start to the week tomorrow morning! Xx