Seeing as though Springs warmer weather remains elusive in London, I (Annabell) thought I share some of the test shots I did while in sunny Cape Town recently. 

You might have read my posts about MODELLING IN CAPE TOWN 2018 and my experiences out there, while on stay for two months, or my post about the severe drought THE STRUGGLE IS REAL - WATER RESTRICTIONS IN CAPE TOWN!

Besides the severe drought, I had a lovely time in Cape Town. Even though it was a very quiet season for everyone, I managed to book a few different test shoots with some great photographers. 

I only ended up paying for one test shoot that I did with a young German photographer called Laura Palm who’s from Berlin. I came across her work on Instagram whilst I was searching for photographers who were also on stay in Cape Town. Looking through her work I could tell that I would get some great images and it would be money well spent. It meant that I could also relax a little knowing that I would be returning to London with some great images. I totally love the mood & feel of her images so I messaged her, agreed to her fee and off we went. Below are some of the images we shot together. 

For models nowadays it’s kind of easy to just scroll through Instagram, find interesting photographers and message the ones whose work you like, to see if they are interested in shooting. It’s often hard to make the diary work as often they are shooting away but I find a lot of them are certainly keen in principle.

While in Cape Town I actually messaged lots of German Photographers who had stated on Instagram that they are in Cape Town. This meant I got to work with some people from my home country, which I didn’t know of before. 

In total, I did 5 different tests, of which two were organised through my agency. The results from the first test shoot with my agency didn’t turn out so great because unusually, the light was bad. It was such a shame as there was a lot of potential but sadly it was very disorganised and I wasn’t happy with the final images. 

The second test was a lifestyle group shoot with a German Photographer. It was with a group of German friends I made and one male model from the UK, which I had met on a hike. That shoot was a lot of fun with fizz, cold beer and snacks on a rooftop in the middle of Cape Town. Unfortunately (and as is often the case with tests) I still haven’t received any images and have to keep chasing them. I will of course share once I finally get them though. 

CT is a small city with a lot of models so it’s easy to chat to people about who they have been shooting with, who they like, or dislike etc. However, I think it’s important to be strategic and pick based on what sort of images would benefit our book and not just make great shots. If there is a gap in your portfolio and your potentially missing out on work, then a test is a great way to try and fill it. Personally, I also choose solely on talent and not on how big their following is. Of course, you can benefit from a photographer sharing your images but I much prefer to seek out more unknown and up and coming artists to work with. xx Annabell