Having dinner whilst watching the Santorini sun set - I will totally be going back here!

Having dinner whilst watching the Santorini sun set - I will totally be going back here!

Evening beach stroll at Agia Anna, Naxos

Evening beach stroll at Agia Anna, Naxos

Yesterday was the first time (in what feels like forever) since we have had a proper nice summers day here in London, and today is apparently amazing too – although I wouldn’t know as I am currently up in Sheffield shooting sportswear for Regatta Outdoors.

We have all been complaining for weeks now about how this year so far has been waaaay colder than what’s normal, and I have found myself telling various people that ‘last year I sat outside in a summer dress on my birthday (the 2nd of April), and this year I was wearing a massive puffer jacket’. It’s true though – only a few days ago I was still wearing my winter coat and boots, and yesterday I walked around in Central London only wearing a floaty dress and sandals. Kind of crazy right!?

Anyway, enough about the London weather. My point with all of this was actually the fact that we are getting very close to summer now, and that usually means holiday time! And like me, you might also be planning your travels for the summer.

Because my boyfriend, Ben, is currently touring The UK with Flash Dance the musical, it is quite hard for us to plan a trip together. At the end of last year, I actually ended up taking a friend instead (which was also very lovely of course) of Ben as he had some last min changes in his tour schedule. Fortunately, Ben recently found out though that he has the first week of May off, so we decided very last minute to re-book the holiday we planned to go on together about 8 months ago.












One of the many breathtaking views from Oia, Santorini

One of the many breathtaking views from Oia, Santorini

On the 29th of April we fly out to Mykonos for a week of Island hopping in the Greek island group, The Cyclades. After 2 days in Mykonos we will be taking a ferry over to Naxos before finishing of our trip in beautiful Santorini. I’ll be doing a little travel guide post for island hopping in The Cyclades once I’m back in the UK. This will be my second time doing this trip in less than a year, so I’m bound to pick up some good tips and recommendations. So, make sure to watch this space if this is somewhere you might want to visit some time!

Some sunset wine on the beach in Naxos

Some sunset wine on the beach in Naxos



I’m very excited for this trip and have of course already started with some preparations for it. I already got a fresh tube of sunscreen from Clarins for the face (seeing that we suddenly got such amazing weather here in London), and I have bought myself a new pair of sunglasses from And Other Stories. I already got a lovely pair from Versace’s, but my new sunnies are a lot more affordable and I, therefore, don’t feel I need to be as precious to them. Both pairs are coming with me on this trip though of course!

I have also got two new bikini sets that I am looking forward to finally use. The black bikini with white polka dots is from Asceno and the coral one is from Fleur of England. My summer clothes and dresses have been packed out of their winter boxes and I think they all need a clean before I can use them. I cleaned it all before packing it away of course, but I find that clothes always smells a bit odd after being packed away for a longer period.

Oh, and this will be one of my very last travels using this passport as it runs out at the beginning of June. It's served me very well over the last 10 years, and is almost falling apart from being used so much! You can also bearly see the text on the cover as this has nearly completely fainted away. Luckily I have ordered and paid for my next one and is currently waiting for me back in Norway. I'm excited to find out where this next passport will take me!

Sunnies from  And Other Stories

Sunnies from And Other Stories

Bikini from  Asceno  and  Fleur of England

Bikini from Asceno and Fleur of England




So what are the tricks to know when booking a last minute holiday on a budget?

Usually it is the flights that can really ruin your holiday budget, as with the accommodation you can pretty much always find something reasonably priced through Airbnb etc. When planning a trip and booking flights, I always use a page called Skyscanner. They also have an app which is pretty useful when booking from your phone. Skyscanner is a comparison site, which will give you lots of different options for a journey letting you know both the cheapest and fastest route. The other cool thing about it is that the page will give you options for lots of different countries as well. So, if you don’t really mind where you go as long as its somewhere nice and sunny for example, then Skyscanner will give show you the cheapest destinations to fly to on your selected dated. Gosh, I’m really going for a hard sell here for Skycanner, but I promise this is only a very genuine recommendation from someone who travels a lot.

For hotels, I tend to use as I have signed up there for their loyalty scheme and have actually earned myself quite a few free hotel nights over the years from collecting points. Speaking of collecting points! I also use the Norwegian Air awards scheme, and although you earn few points at a time – it all racks up in the end. I actually had enough points to cover my flight back from Santorini for my upcoming trip. I also got a free flight to Las Vegas last year using my collected points. It’s definitely worth doing it as it won’t cost you anything extra. One last tip (a very obvious one, I know!) is to always have a look at TripAdvisor before booking hotels etc. as you can usually find 100s of reviews from other travellers, and it’s also a great place to find recommendations about the place you plan on visiting.

Happy travels everyone! :)