Rebecca by  Caroline Taafe

Rebecca by Caroline Taafe

Hello! I’m Rebecca, a writer and model from London who once shot with Annabell in chilly but beautiful Scotland.

I started my website, www.modeltypeface.com, to create a resource that helps other models navigate the industry. I found that I seemed to radiate a maternal vibe to other models, who were often younger and away from home, so they came to me for advice rather than bookers. I know that models are often scared to ask their agency questions because we’re so worried about taking up their time, so staying healthy, safe and paid what you’re owed ends up being really hard for many.

I truly love my website, and what I relish about blogging is that it reflects where you are in your life. When I’m super busy, or having a hard time in my personal life, I might post less but my readers will send me support or read about my most exciting shoots. Then, when modelling is in a quiet patch (inevitable!), I can post funny stories from my past, beauty reviews, informative articles for aspiring models and, my favourite: interviews. The website has led to some really exciting opportunities, such as appearing on the news for the BBC and Sky to talk about modelling and body image.


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What about my modelling history?!

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Well I’ve modelled since 2002! So I’m something of a
veteran/dinosaur. I wouldn’t say I set the modelling world alight with my career: I haven’t appeared
on many notable covers and I’ve barely done any catwalk at all, despite doing innumerable
castings for years and years. But I have worked consistently for nearly 17 years, which I’m really
proud of, and best of all: I still love my job! I love modelling! I have definitely had plenty of bad
experiences, which is why I’m qualified to write my blog, but to me the fact that I can still turn up to
my job and be completely surprised by what I have to do, the people I meet, the ways that I’m
made up to look and (yep I’m saying it) the money I can make from basically having fun for a day
still blows my mind!

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When I’m not modelling, I’m either: reading, writing, yoga-ing or dancing. If you head to my Instagram, you’ll see that I regularly attend dance classes with At Your Beat. When I started I was completely uncoordinated, unconfident and ungainly, but I’ve stuck with it and improve every week. It’s quite nice to have that, because you can’t really ‘improve’ at modelling: you either get booked or you don’t. It’s the first time in my life I’ve experienced an endorphin rush from exercise: before it was a chore unless it was yoga, and that’s because it starts and ends with lying down and chilling.

Finally, what can you expect to hear from me? Well, I’ll probably be sharing wisdom hard-earned from the industry, mainly from doing or saying embarrassing things. I’m thrilled to be the guest blogger for THE 4 OF US: I’ve seen it grow and grow and it’s a fabulous website.

Rebecca x

Rebecca's website:  www.modeltypeface.com

Model portfolio: www.bookingsmodels.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/1rebeccapearson/