It's Mental Health Awareness Week between the 14-20th of May, so I (Zsanett) thought I'd write up a little reminder to all of you lovely readers out there that we should all choose happiness. Because why wouldn't you. Life is just so much better when you are happy, isn't it? I know it isn't always easy and we get caught up in our problems and suddenly think "life is just too hard". Don't get me wrong, life IS hard.

Now by saying choose to be happy, I'm not saying jump around on a cloud like a unicorn on crack. What I mean is that before we get too worked up, we could just stop for a moment and think-is it all worth ruining my day for? 

I used to be someone that would get hurt or annoyed over the smallest things. Work stuff, friends, family, whatever it was, and I would let it ruin my day or even week. It all changed for me last year when one of my closest friend found out she had cancer in her ovaries. Right after losing her baby. And her boyfriend. All within a month or so. Now THAT SUCKS. So much. Once we found out she had cancer everything changed. She was so strong and we were by her side all the way. I remember when I found out I couldn't stop crying for hours. I feared losing my friend. Just to think about that moment makes me tear up all over again. It was horrifying. But the way she handled this situation, I honestly have never in my life seen a stronger woman. The way she set her mind man.. to such a positive and strong state, it was empowering to watch. She kept saying "I'll be healthy, I'll come out of this, just watch me". And she bloody did. It was truly one of the hardest things I have gone through, and it wasn't even happening to me.. She is now clear of cancer, but because she decided not to take her ovaries out, she will for the rest of her life have to have check-ups every 3 months. It's her choice and we support her no matter what.

I can honestly say this whole thing changed who I am as a person. It has set my life perspectives straight. I am healthy. I have so many amazing friends who are there for me no matter what. I have a family, a roof over my head and I do what I love. I am blessed and I refuse to let anything get me down long enough to forget just how precious life is. I have recently gone through a breakup, and as much as it's hard for me to lose someone I loved, I keep smiling and I continue enjoying my life. I could be down and cry, which I sometimes do. I have moments when I feel it's hard, but I keep reminding myself: I'm healthy, and I have so many around that love me. And I love them right back. 

I could go on an on, but I think you get my point, and I hope this short post gave you a little help realising just how precious life is. As cheesy as it is, go hug a friend. Tell them you love them. Ask them how they are, focus on someone else for a second. You'll feel amazing, I promise. :)

Choose to be happy my lovely readers! 

Much love,