I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I got into them late last year, having given The Emma Guns Show a listen and, hooked, gone through her entire archive. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, it’s like a radio show without the endless adverts or music. The more you listen, the more you become familiar with the lives or the ‘podcaster’ as well as their guests and enter into their worlds. 

The really good thing about podcasts is that you can learn about the world whilst on the hoof, which is obviously fantastic for models! 

The only thing is trying to find the right balance. I now prefer a podcast rather than reading books or listening to music when I’m travelling around. I get really repetitive with the songs I choose and transport makes me so drowsy I don’t read properly. However, sometimes I meet up with a friend or arrive at a shoot/meeting/event and I’ve been so absorbed by the chatter of the podcast that I’m a little disorientated and detached from the real world and real conversations. It’s almost as if the podcasts can be quite draining if I tune into too many. Anyway, these are my favourite podcasts: 

The Emma Guns Show

I met Emma at a Pixi event last year and she was telling me about her podcast. She interviews a lot of people from the beauty and health world, with some authors and celebs in there, too. Emma has been a beauty journalist for years but, like me, doesn’t have formal training, e.g. as a nutritionist or aesthetician, so she asks the sort of questions about diets, skincare, wellness and career tips that I want to know, too. She also suffers from anxiety and is always finding ways to navigate the world through her issues and work on herself, which is something I really relate to. If you’ve never heard any of her shows, I’d recommend the Michelle Visage and Trinny Woodall shows. 


WTF With Marc Maron

My favourite podcast of all time! So Marc is one of the original podcasters. You may recognise him as the coach in Netflix series GLOW but he has been a comedian of varying fortunes for decades now, having struggled with addiction in the past. Broadcast from his infamous garage (though he has now moved house to a new garage, which was a BIG overhaul!). it takes a little while to get used to his shouty voice and every now and then I take a break, but within one or two you will be hooked. 

Marc gets the big guns: Jennifer Lawrence, Sharon Stone, Macauley Culkin, OBAMA! As well as comedians and friends and lesser-known but hugely respected actors and directors. He could be interviewing total strangers for all I care because he gives them all the same treatment: going in deep from childhood, finding out how they got to where they are, and asking all the questions I would like family relations, insecurities and relationship stuff. But with a lightness to it: there’s a childishness to Marc that I also identify with and it’s just a great balance of a podcast. 

If you’re going for your first listen, I’d recommend the James Franco podcast: he may be mired in controversy right now, but it’s undeniably a great introduction to the show. 


Guilt + Shame Podcast

Disclaimer: these are my friends but I listen religiously anyway. Guilt and Shame are a comedy duo and are joined by actor and director Vicky Jones. They explore facets of human life about which we all harbour guilt and/or shame: sex, dating, body image, religion, pooping, partying and lying, for example. 

In true podcast style, you may feel at first as though you’re listening in on friends and it’s a bit cliquey, but you soon become familiar with their characters and there are some AMAZING, very truthful, at times visceral stories (mainly submitted by me…). 



Under The Skin with Russell Brand

If you have an interest in politics and academia but can’t for the life of you get through the first page - nay sentence - of a political text (I include myself in this group) then this is for you. Famously verbose though he is, Russell seems to be coming from a similar position to me and asks experts really interesting questions about the society we live in, from terrorism to slavery to the economy but in a way that is utterly far from dry and inaccessible. The expert will come out with something tricksy and Russell will get them to break it down and break it down until it’s clearer, plus he’s funny. A great one to start with is the very first one: Can We Really Stop Terror? 



The Ru Paul Podcast

If you watch the Ru Paul show then this is a fabulous one to have for getting home after a hard day’s graft. It’s just Ru and Michelle nattering, and it’s irreverent and silly and great fun. As the podcast has grown, their guests have become big stars. At the start, it was often the two of them or Queens from the show, and now you’ll have the guest judges getting interviewed too. For those who are really into modelling, I’d give the Pat Cleveland interview a go. She’s my ultimate! 



In Our Time

This is a Radio 4 show, and if you miss it you can hear it as a podcast with ‘extra treat’ discussion at the end. I love this show because you can learn about ANYTHING. Melvyn Bragg asks experts about any old topic he fancies learning about. It may be about the bronze age one week, the octopus another, ancient maths the next and a Jane Austen book following this. It goes back years, too! I’ve learned about so many things familiar and less so, from outer space to my favourite books. It’s a great little ‘learner’ and not remotely boring (well OK, the one about ancient Egyptian maths wasn’t my fave…)



The Adam Buxton Show

More silliness: Adam gets many of his friends on and jokes around whilst yet asking insightful questions and exploring areas not everyone is brave enough to go to. He’s a really intelligent guy who is also a comedian, famous for The Adam and Joe show, which was highly immature and all the funnier for it. Imagine Louis Theroux making fart jokes. There are his jingles, a walk with his dog Rosie and then a great interview with some fascinating people: if you’re familiar with Kathy Burke I really recommend that show as I learned so much about a comedian I’ve grown up with. 



The High Low

Finally, this podcast which I never fail to tune into. It’s by two journalists, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, both of whom create words and images I really admire (Pandora’s sense of style is incredible!) They’re both friends and insanely articulate and perceptive, so the podcast is a mix of their shared amusing stories, takes on the current news stories and explorations into what they’ve been reading. I find it quite inspiring and always find that my vocabulary is that bit more elevated after listening. 

Rebecca x

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