I’m Kethrin, I am very much alive and I live in London. I would love to delineate what I do and what I specialise in but It’s pretty much impossible. 


Nature and its beauty inspire my everyday life and I try and incorporate as much of nature as I can in my daily routine. Living in a city like London makes that a bit of a challenge, but other than sitting in parks drinking 2 litres of water per day and eating veggies, I try to stick to organic natural products and I do my best to avoid expensive high-end creams, I replace toothpaste with charcoal and coconut oil and use olive oil instead of makeup remover. It's that simple!

I have travelled my whole life and as a result, I ended up picking from each country whatever I loved the most. From textiles to natural products to long-lost beauty recipes and I thought it’s about time I’d share it with you guysssss! 

Music is my main focus but being a night owl and a fiery Aries I can’t help but always wanting to expand my knowledge.. I've studied languages, art, dermatology.. I have tried plenty of skincare products, from drugstore to high-end ones, and came to the conclusion that nothing is better than what Mother Nature has gifted us with.

I will this month share natural homemade scrubs, face and hair masks. Everything I will share  will be chemical and preservative free, and on top of saving money time and your skin, will also keep an eye out for environmental pollution 🌸🌻

So open up your cupboards folks and get ready to get your homemade glow ready for summer! Xo

Find Kethrin's Instagram under: @kethrinbe