Find my video review of the Colorista Hair Makeup from L'Oréal Paris further down in this post.

Find my video review of the Colorista Hair Makeup from L'Oréal Paris further down in this post.

I (Sara) have recently tested out a new product from the L'Oréal Paris COLORISTA range. The newest addition to this range is their Hair Makeup, a cream/gel that you apply to dry hair to add colour. The Hair Makeup comes in many different colours and this time I went for the #METALLICBLUE.

In this video, you can watch a live review of me trying out this product for the very first time. The review is completely honest and I am taking you through my thoughts on it as I go along. If you cant be bothered to watch a whole video, then the breakdown of this review is that I did think the COLORISTA Hair Makeup was pretty ok - not amazing but also not bad. The metallic blue colour does show up in my hair, but not as much as I would have liked it too. This almost turquoise colour in my very light blonde hair almost gives the same look as what blondes get after spending to much time in a chlorinated swimming pool. Not ideal! It’s obviously not as bad as this and the look of the Hair Makeup is all down to how it has been applied. You can apply it to whichever part of your hair you want, creating a unique effect each time. So maybe I just spread it out too much? On the other hand, though, the really nice things about this product is that it does what it says on the package – it washes out after just one wash. Everyone is different, but I definitely couldn’t see any hints of blue after I washed my hair. So this is clearly a very gentle product to use that will not stain your hair long term. Another cool thing is that you can easily curl your hair after adding the colour, and your hair isn’t left feeling dry and strange. Once the colour has dried your hair feels and act basically as it would without the colouring product in it.

The product only costs £7.99 and I thought there was plenty of product in the tube, so I can probably use it several times. That said though, I do have fairly short and quite fine hair so it doesn’t take much to cover it  - it1s obviously a completely different story for someone with long thick hair.

If I were to give this product a score it would be a 7 out of a 10, and I am probably going to try it again in a different colour. Pink perhaps!


Update! I have now also tested out the shade #HOTPINKHAIR which showed up way better in my blonde hair. I also styled it properly after applying the hair makeup, giving my hair a pink ombre beach wave look. You can watch this video here!







If you like and are interested in this kind of non-permanent and semi-permanent hair colour products, then make sure to check out our two other reviews on COLORISTA products. One review is by Zsanett (who has a brunette/light blonde ombre) and have reviewed and tested the 1-week washout hair colour in Peach.

The other video review is another one of mine from when I had much longer hair. I tested and reviewed the Colorista 1 Day Spray in lavender. The one day spray does pretty much the same thing as the hair makeup, the only difference is that one is a spray and the other a cream. However, the hair was left softer and more 'normal' with the hair makeup in comparison to the spray.