I (Annabell) am a big fan of jewellery. From stacked rings, some arm candy to statement earrings, which I wear to always compliment my look. So in this post, I'm showing you my current favourite statement earrings picks from the high street. From eye-catching statement earrings to some minimalistic metal designs. I could buy them all, but I actually have to be careful with earring purchases online as my earlobes are very small and therefore most earrings are too heavy for my ears hehe. I hope you'll find some inspiration from this post! Happy shopping :) xx Annabell 

Asymmetrical Tropical Flower earrings

How cool are those? Such a great idea to have a set of asymmetrical earrings with some beautiful paradise flowers and organic chrome shapes. Find this cool number at one of my favourite shops and other stories here for £35.


Metallic hoop earrings

These simple Metallic hoop earrings are made of 100% steel and are the sort of earrings which you can combine with anything really. From a simple white T-Shirt to a dress. Find them from Mango here for only £6.99!

Tasselled earrings

I like the idea of tassel earring, but I actually realised while writing on this post that I don't own any yet. This might be a pair I'd like to get as I like the straw detail a lot which makes it stand out from the normal tassel earrings. Find them at H&M here for only £9.99!

Metal pendants earrings

How gorgeous are those Geometric design earrings? I'm totally in love with this lovely design. Find them on Mango here for only £12.99. Such a bargain!

Sun Fan Stud Earrings

These elegant golden stud earrings with a turquoise stone are shaped like gracious sun fans. Aren't they pretty? Great for during the day, when you don't want to wear a set of long earrings. Oh they are also Nickel tested. Find them at and other stories here for only £17.

Pink beaded circular earrings

These fuchsia beaded earrings make me want to go on holiday so badly. Its a pair of earrings I can imagine wearing with a floaty white summer dress while drinking some fresh Mojito by the seaside ;). Get them from Zara here for only £12.99!

Gold Metal Earrings

As you can see, I'm a big fan of metal earrings. Especially when the design is geometric like those pretty ones from H&M which only cost £6.99! Get them here

Geometric earrings with red border

Super cool dangle earrings with a red border and three different shaped and coloured stones. I think they would look amazing with a black T-shirt or dress. Such an amazing eye-catching set of earrings. You can find those at Zara here for £12.99.