This is an exciting day because we have just shared our very first podcast....ever! As it's the first one, we obviously have a lot of things to work out for the next, as we learn a lot as we go along with new adventures, but we think it's a good start so check it out! :)

A few weeks ago we had a catchup with our amazing July guest blogger, Stuart Trevor. During our chat, Stuart told us all about his newest project, Immortal - a brand new clothing brand which he's working on together with movie producer, Maggie Monteith, and fashion stylist Andy Blake. He also told us many inside stories from the early days of All Saints as well as his days working closely with Davis Reiss. At the end of the podcast, we ask Stuart his thoughts on the differences around setting up a brand new clothing brand today compared to doing so in 1994. We also asked him to give tips to young designers wanting to start up on their own.


The podcast is about 40 minutes long and can be found on both iTunes and Soundcloud. We know 40 min is quite long, but Stuart certainly has a lot of interesting things to share - so it's definitely worth a listen. 


Thank You Stuart

But before we finish off this blog post, we want to take this opportunity to thank Stuart for joining us during these last 4 weeks. He truly is an inspiring man who achieved so much before even turning 30 - and continued to create amazing clothes ever since. We just about scratched the surface during his time here with us and hope he decides to share more of his stories on other platforms. Maybe you should start your own blog, Stuart?! Otherwise, we would love to hear from you again back here at www.the4ofus.co.uk. We will obviously keep a close eye on what you create and achieve with your newest project, Immortal (previously called Elensa).