A few weeks ago I was running around at Gatwick airport trying to find a nice bronze eyeshadow before rushing to my gate. As I was short on time, I only swiftly looked over each counter for what I was looking for - but weirdly didn't seem to find any nice bronze eyeshadows anywhere. Until I got to the Chanel store... I wasn't even planning on going in there, as I did'nt want to spend much on makeup that day (because I never do). I was kind of relieved when I didn't find what I wanted there either, but then the woman behind the counter showed me to their new Limited Edition - Cruise Collection called Éclat Énigmatique. The eyeshadow pallet had just the colour I was looking for, plus 3 other shades that also looked great! So, I bought it! Craaazy right? :P 

I am actually really excited about this palette, and the colours go really well together, so I feel a bit less bad now about my big spending. So, I put together a makeup video where I have tried my best to show you how I use this palette, and how it looks on the eyes. The colours look quite strong on the palette, but when applying it, it's actually a lot less extreme as the colours are quite transparent on the skin - which I think is a good thing. It means that these rather intense colours become more subtle. You can find the makeup tutorial video further down in the post :) 



In this video, I have already applied most of my makeup, and have only left the eyes out - as this is of course what I am talking you through during the video. So here is a quick recap of what I have applied before I started to film:

Obs! Please note that this post is not an ad, but some of these products have been gifted to me - but I only ever choose to use products that I actually like ;) 

I start every morning by applying a very gentle day cream from REN. The moisturiser is from their Evercalm range which is perfect for sensitive skin. This day cream is designed to repair the skin's natural barriers, calm, hydrate and soothe sensitive skin. My current eye cream is also from Ren, but this cream is from their ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ range.

Then I applied a makeup primer from Charlotte Tilbury called Wonder Glow. This can be used either on its own or under your foundation. As I rarely use foundation, I like to use it on its own for a relaxed dewy look.

I use a concealer from Laura Mercier called Secret Camouflage to cover up any red areas on my face, mainly around my nose but also on my chin. I also use this to cover up any spot or other marks I might have on my face, as this concealer is great for that too. However, I find it too thick to use beneath my eyes so here I use a product from Glossier called Stretch Concealer, in shade 1.  For the Laura Mercier concealer,  I use shade 3 which includes two different colours.

My peachy-pink blusher is called Pink in Love and is by Dior and gives a really fresh summery colour to the cheeks, I happened to find this blush almost completely unused in a drawback at my mum's house. It must have been there for years - so god knows if this product is still being sold by Dior. I can't actually find the exact same blush anywhere online (other than on Amazon), so maybe it has been discontinued. Sorry! But they do offer very similar products of course. 

I use a highlighting Dome from The Body Shop called ‘Honey Bronze’. I have had this for a while now and used it a lot, so this is another well-used product of mine ready to be renewed as there is barely anything left of it.

To fill in my brows I use a clever little thing from Benefit called KA-BROW! This is a crème-gel brow colour with a brush inside the lid and for this product, I use shade 2.

The last thing I do every day before going outside is to sprits some anti-pollution spray all over my face. This is a must when you live in a city like London!

To finish off my look (after applying the eyeshadow) I applied mascara from Elizabeth Arden :)