You have the heat of Summer. It's too hot to breathe but would love to be outdoors and active, without the feel of faint? I got you. Also, this is something for you if you are craving something different and a bit more exciting. 

I have always been a person that loved being by the water but never been one to just go in and splash around aimlessly. Just not my thing. I, of course, love to lay on the beach and read a book, sip on a cocktail perhaps, but after a while I get antsy. I need to do something. I literally can't think of a better thing than doing water sports. I like the types that include balance. Wakeboarding, waterskiing, paddleboarding and my latest favourite, wakesurfing. These, I have to be honest, aren't the cheapest way to be active, but hey, you deserve it. I know I do ;)

Prices are normally around £30-40 per session.. So not crazy, but definitely more expensive than going to a yoga class.


Why I love wakesurfing so much

Why wouldn't you. You have water, swimwear, sunshine, a boat, speed and freedom. Sold. Oh and you're getting a full body workout too. ;)


While with wakeboarding, you are pulled by a rope all the way through, your feet are also fixed to the board by a boot. You can wakeboard being pulled by a boat, or you can use a cable towing system. I've tried both and prefer being pulled by a boat for some reason, I've tried being towed by a cable system, but haven't succeeded getting up on my board until I tried a boat. Anyway, that's not really important as everyone is different. So while you are being pulled by a rope the whole time you wakeboard, with wakesurfing, you wait for the wave that's created by the boat to settle, and then you can let go of the rope, and ride the wave much like you would with regular surfing. While I haven't tried old school surfing yet, I already like the idea that while with surfing you can only stay up for a few seconds, then you have to paddle back to catch the next wave, with wakesurfing you can ride the wave as long as you are able to stand up. Yay. :) However learning to surf is still on my list, so not saying at all that I wouldn't love it. :) Another advantage is that to wakesurf, you don't need to be near the sea to do it. I normally wakesurf when I go home to Hungary, on Lake Tisza. I've also seen a couple of places around London where you can try wakeboarding to start you off, and I'm sure if you go somewhere further away from the big city, you'll be able to find places to wakesurf too. 

If you are looking for something a bit more relaxing, then I can definitely recommend paddleboarding, as it can be so peaceful on the water by yourself, you can even do yoga on your board, or meditate. 



Now you don't need to go crazy and go full on sportswear, you should bee thinking about falling, so definitely no tube tops and strings that are easy to slide apart. Other than that, you should be safe. Here are some of my favourite swimwear pieces at the moment that would be perfect for a little wakesurf sesh too. ;)