Due to my cousin living in Mallorca, I have been a fair amount in the past 2 years or so. More like every chance I get really.. I am here right now as I’m writing this blog post sitting in a beach bar. Don’t hate me ;)

I thought I’d take a few days to come here and work a bit, just needed to get away from London, it’s beginning to feel too much like Autumn. So instead I hopped on a plane and decided to spend a very short, but warm three days in Palma.

While I’m here, I decided to collect three of my favourite beaches on the island for you, in case you’d also do a little spur-of-the-moment trip while it’s still lovely and Summery here. Which should be a good month still, so definitely something to think about. Further down you’ll find my top beach picks for you if you do decide to come. Enjoy! ;)



This beach is probably my all time fave. Well, it’s more of a bay really, small and cosy, surrounded by high walls, populated by pines and bushes. Stunning little place, but seeing it’s very little, if you go there, you have to aim to get there early morning as it gets busy later on in the day.

Where to find it:

Caló des Moro is located in Santanyí, on the south coast. It can’t be accessed by car dircetly-however I’d rather drive still. You must either park at Cala Llombards and walk about 15 minutes, or access at the bus from Santanyí. Access to the cove from the fishing huts of Cala S'Almunia. There is a stone staircase and rocks in poor condition but an adult can arrive without problems. 



Cala Pi is a lonely beach located in a village with which it shares the name, Cala Pi, 17 kilometers from Llucmajor, in the south of Mallorca. Its name is coming from the pine trees that surround the beach. As you can see it’s similar to Caló des Moro, I’m clearly a fan of little bays with crystal clear waters. Can you blame me tho’. ;)

The cliffs on both sides make it a safe place, protected from the winds. I love how it’s lined up with little boat houses, and that’s all really. You also have quite a few stairs to take, but it’s all worth it, trust me. Up at the top you have a cute little restaurant where you can have refreshment, although it wasn’t the best food I had in Mallorca.

Where to find it:

As I mentioned before, it’s in the south of Mallorca. The easiest way to get to Cala Pi is by driving. Access by road is simple and the beach has free parking. Then you have your 147 beautiful steps to take amongst the pine trees while you can admire the beautiful view.



Now this beach is a whole different story. Fine white sands and more of a Caribbean feel to it. Es Trenc is the last largest, undeveloped and well-preserved beach of Mallorca. It’s a beautiful virgin beach, with 2640 meters in length.

Where to find it:

To get here, you can drive, or take a bus. There is access from both Ses Covetes and through the salt flats to the south. The car parking is cheaper at Ses Covetes entrance.