Lydia Collins - Photographer

Meet Lydia

THE 4 OF US are very excited to introduce this months guest blogger, Lydia Collins. She is a brilliant photographer whom we have had the pleasure of working with quite a bit over the last couple of years. She has for example photographed our current header, and will also be shooing our next one in about a weeks time :)

Lydia is based here in London, but travels the world with her work, taking stunning images wherever she goes. So make sure to check out her website lydiacollins.com and of course her Instagram account @lydiacollins where she shares her newest work and adventures.

We wan’t to wish her a warm welcome, and look forward to reading her upcoming blog entries!

She has already shared her first post with us which you can read straight after this little welcome section :)


A few years back is where my career as a freelance photographer began. I had just graduated from University and my work before this point had been mainly art based. I hadnʼt photographed people throughout my time at Uni and it wasnʼt the direction I thought I wanted to go in. It wasnʼt until I panicked in my last few weeks before graduating that I hadnʼt taken advantage of the free access to the photography studios - I got in contact with a few models and bloggers and took some images. This is where I was introduced a little more into the blogging and fashion industry and the ‘street-styleʼ element of photography that sits alongside it. I then spent the next 10months doing free shoots around London with bloggers and models to build up a portfolio. At this stage, I was applying for contracted photography roles within magazines, newspapers and pretty much anything editorial - I had no intention of becoming freelance as I didnʼt think it would be possible! My idea was to build up a big enough portfolio so that I could best present my work and show my style of photography.

After a good year shooting, networking and working on the side I was able to earn enough money from photography that I could fully invest all my time into it. I had no idea that it would be possible to generate a career where my main clients, at the time, were bloggers and influencers. I feel extremely lucky to be in the position I am in as I honestly wouldnʼt change a thing.

I first met Sara, Zsnaett and Annabell a few years back when I was shooting on the side of another job, they were amongst the first people I started working with when I was building up a portfolio of my work. We have shot a lot together now and absolutely love working with them - I have never met a bunch of girls that work so well together as friends but also visually in front of the camera!



I usually shoot street style with the girls but one of the shoots we did this summer was a little different. I had been past Hyde Park a few times, and because this summer has been really hot, the grass has become a beautiful orange colour. I immediately wanted to shoot here so got in contact with the girls (unfortunately Annabell couldnʼt make it as she was on another job). Zsanett had actually cycled through Hyde Park a few weeks before and had thought about shooting here too, so it was great to get the girls in front of the camera and shoot something a little different. Hereʼs a few images we created together:

Late summers day in Hyde Park - Photo by Lydia Collins
Late summers day in Hyde Park - Photo by Lydia Collins


We kept to a street style theme, by shooting the imagery so you can see the clothing but also having Sara and Zsnaett in positions that create a ‘dreamyʼ feel. Styling clothes before a shoot is so important - they need to suit the location that you are shooting in as it can really make or break the image! Sara and Zsnanet wore beautiful dresses that were perfect for the location, I wanted the images to feel dreamy and with the dresses being able to move, it was perfect!


When it came to post production, I kept warm tones and generated an orange feel within each photograph. Below is a before and after edit example:


I use my own presets on Lightroom when it comes to editing my images. I made a preset for this shoot as I didnʼt have one that suited this background or location. I kept the colours super warm as I wanted to generate a real summer feel within the colour grading of the images. It really helped that the grass was already a beautiful orange colour and the sun was out the day we shot as we were able to get some backlit images, something I have really enjoyed experimenting with recently. Iʼm super excited to shoot with the girls again soon!