Fløyen Bergen, Norway - let’s take care of our beautiful planet!

Fløyen Bergen, Norway - let’s take care of our beautiful planet!

With this post we are hoping to raise awareness on the issue of plastic pollution - so please read along as this is a very important topic. Reducing the use of plastic and helping to slow down (and maybe even reverse) the way the earth is heading in terms of synthetic waste, has been brought out in the spotlight lately. People have started to be a lot more aware of this massive issue, and clever people all around the world are coming up with ways to help us reduce our daily plastic-usage. And thank goodness for that as the amount of plastic pollution on our dear planet is (as we should know by now) a terrible problem that we have created, and it is about time we try to fix our mistakes.



Plastic accumulating in our oceans and on our beaches has become a global crisis. Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences that makes up about 40% of the world's ocean surfaces. At current rates plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. (www.biologicaldiversity.org)

I am definitely also guilty when it comes to plastic pollution and it is only during the last few years that I have thought about the damage I’m doing with my excessive use of plastic. During a busy London lifestyle, I often buy not only one but 2 or 3 takeaway coffees throughout a day. And I used to buy tons of plastic bottles with water to keep in the fridge because I did not like the taste of the London spring-water. Gosh - what a snob I was, nothing, of course, could ever compare to the fresh Norwegian tap water coming directly from a local stream (I still don’t think many things can compare :P)- but the London tap water is of course totally fine to use. Especially when using a filter. It is at least a much better option to the daily mounts of bottles I used to throw away (shame on me, I know). At least now, and for the last few years, I have really started to rethink some of these things. And I have taken small, but very effective steps to reduce my daily consumption of single-use products.

It is time we rethink the future of plastics and the way we consume it. One way we can all be better is to stop, or at least highly reduce, our day to day consumption of single-use products such as plastic bottles, take away coffee cups, plastic bags and straws. All these things, most of us use on a daily bases - however, it is SUPER EASY to make small steps which means you never need to use these items ever again. Inspired by friends, a few weeks back I decided to order a selection of reusable items from Amazon for my daily ‘drinks consumption’. And this is what I bought:



I bought a very clever collapsible keep-cup from Stojo. I bought the 16oz version which for example fits a grande (medium) sized Frappuccino, and it also works great for hot drinks as well. It folds together to a fairly small size which can easily fit into a jacket pocket or handbag. I will do my best to carry this around, so there is no need for me to buy single-use throw away cups anymore. See how I said ‘buy’ a cup there? That’s right, big companies like Starbucks and Pret has now introduced a ‘cur charge’ - or a discount for those bringing their own if you prefer that angle… it’s only a 5p charge, but it all adds up. And more importantly, it makes a massive difference to our planet.

Stojo - reusable and collapsible cup with straw.

Stojo - reusable and collapsible cup with straw.


Ok, so I’m more than happy to have most of my drinks without a straw. But if I absolutely need to use one, then I now have this foldable metal and silicon straw that folds nicely into a small portable box.

Foldable and reusable metal straw.

Foldable and reusable metal straw.


There are sooo many great reusable bottles out there, so there is absolutely no point what so ever to use plastic bottles any more. Personally, I chose this stainless steel bottle that can keep drinks either hot or cold for several hours. It also comes whit two different lids - and I’m so far very happy with the ‘sports lid’.

No more plastic bottles for me, that's for sure :)

This bottle is from Super Sparrow.

The steps are small, but if we all make these changes - the result can be massive! So please re-think the amount of waste you create in a day, and try to make small changes to help our planet :)