Hi everyone, welcome back!

I hope you are having a great hair day!!

Last week I gave you more of an intense guide to becoming better at networking-and a little bit of a better you. This week, I thought, I will give you a couple of hands-on tips if you are just starting out to be a fashion or a photo assistant. I will try to be as detailed as possible to make it easier for you to take it in and understand why I’m saying what I’m saying.

P.s.: some tips might seem unreasonably silly, but believe me you need them.

Shall we…


1. Two phrases: PHONE CHARGER and definitely BATTERY BANK. Can’t emphasise how many times these two have saved lives. You will need to go to places you have never heard, pick up an expensive headpiece, which will end up unused for a shoot. For you to get there and find your way back to the studio again is a priority. Also you will need to reply to 10 messages every 30 minutes about another return, so yes you will need to be all charged up.

2. NOTEPAD/CALENDAR: Write down every task you have to do and every task you have completed. I had moments where I couldn't possibly remember what I did 2 days ago. This could lead to being insecure with your work. Moreover, whoever you are working for will triple-check everything you do. So just write down everything and use the whole to-do list approach. When you completed something triple-tick for extra satisfaction.

3. You will be meeting tons of people everyday, therefore writing down peoples names and job roles is a golden skill. If you find it hard to remember who they are it’s a good solution for you, because you will be confident addressing them and work will be sufficient.

*image is from shop.yourjoyologist.com


4. When you are a styling assistant you will need to pick and return expensive gorgeous garments, and PR companies can freak out in a second if they assume something is missing, therefore double check what made it back to them in and what didn't. If you can't find something let them know kindly. It is totally okay, but communication is crucial.

* image from shutterstock.

5. Talking about returns, you gotta pack like a cute little Christmas Elf packing the most gorgeous Christmas presents. Presentation is key.

6. When you become a Photo and/or Stylist assistant one thing is for sure, you will top up your cardio game (sexy time). You basically run or crawl (for a cable to connect the lights) all the time trying to get done as much possible in a bustling city like London, huge suitcases attached to you, so prepare yourself. Oh yes, the "suitcase life" at Hunger Magazine I mentioned before..I felt like I spent most of my time with a suitcase and not with humans. Cute!

7. Another mesmerising tip that changed my life forever is, drumroll please....the City Mapper app. Yes, I know I’m such a nerd but, when you are carrying 2 suitcases plus 12 bags, you will sweat! ( I SAID IT, I know ladies we don't sweat neither do we smell) It’s all right, we sweat rose water. ;) However to avoid this, try to always choose the route where the tubes have elevators, so you don't have to carry them up and down the stairs. In the case if you feel a bit flirtatious, you can always glance and smile and a strong, handsome man will help you take them up the stairs.

Image 9.jpg

8. FOOD. Do not forget your nourishment. You are always on the go, so make sure to grab proper food whenever you can.

9. Ginger shot. I personally hate the taste ginger but since I discover the nutritional boost it gives you. I have been shoving it down my throat, just to make it entertaining for myself and my close friends. I even recorded my facial expressions while drinking it. The idea is you will be having 7 days in a row hard core work, so a ginger shot a day will save you. If you hate it too, record yourself and send it to me, and let’s have a movement. Tips for hashtags welcome.

10. Comfortable shoes: trainers and sneakers all the way! Reveal your inner trash. My mum is the most badass classic woman, but still has a pair of white leather trainers. So we can all do this!

Quick story time: We were doing a shoot and I thought to myself “I will wear my shirt dress - so cool and the best idea ever. I will put on my high knee boots because they are sexy and because "why not". Little detail: they did have a small heal and they were new indeed, hihi ..I had to run up, down and out around 67 times, so by 3 pm i was hating them so so much. I suggest don't do it kids

11. Always have a big ass blue Ikea bag with you, always.

12. Continue using your super power: observe in silence.

13. It’s always a good idea to grab a coffee or a tea, plural. There’s not a single human being who’s gonna reject your cute gesture of buying them a cup of coffee, especially not photographers, stylist, casting directors who are likely to be under stress. They will really appreciate and REMEMBER that sweet intern who bough them coffee without asking them to do so. ;) (also a super power)

We got to an end, good luck with your new positions. It's all worth it, even if you hate it sometimes. Getting to know yourself and recognising your strengths and weaknesses is part of your superpower education.

K. x