Happy Thursday beautiful people,

It’s me again :) Thursdays have become my new Mondays this month, and from now on I will have a little crush on anything happening on a Thursday.

I genuinely hope my last post with the 13 hand on tips about your first day assisting in fashion was helpful. Please do let me know if you have a ginger shot and you hated it but kicked in just as much as a double espresso! (if you have no clue what i’m talking about, but I got your attention as i said shot, jump back to my last weeks post HERE).

In this weeks post I would like to bring up two stories, one I have never really told anyone. One of them has something to do with cooking, the other one with loosing a suitcase. Why do I bring these up? Well first because they are hilarious when you get to the details, but also i want to talk about not only being ready with battery chargers but being emotionally ready when you do the a job.


Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 20.21.06.png

All my life I have been confidently the girl-women-lady who has never been really much into cooking. I love food, I try food, food makes me excited. I love having a conversation over food and to get to know someone over a meal. However I never had that crazy joy when it comes to making it, I’ve always been the “I will make the vibes right while you cook” type of girl, I will get the music right with the right playlist, I will have some wine while entertaining the chef or do anything that excludes touching the food. Just to make it clear, I think I’m a pretty good cook. I have to survive so I cook but it doesn’t make me all sorts of happy. So knowing all that information, I want you to keep that in mind while I take you to a couple a months back to a professional scenario.

I got a job assisting the producer of a fashion shoot published in a magazine with a pretty amazing team I must add. We connected of course before the shoot, and the producer told me to meet at 8 in the morning in front of the photo studio. We got into the studio, the photography team is there setting up the light, everyone is a little sleepy but will not forget to smile at you. So we quickly get to the kitchen. Yes, kitchen. As a producer you are the “come to mama” person, you handle everything. If you love calling cabs for your group of friends and enjoy figuring out who gets into which cab and than explain the driver why you make 3 stops as someone is leaving but also joining the road trip, you should consider this job opportunity. Anyways! 

We get to the kitchen, he shows me everything, we go through the plan for the shoot, look at mood boards and than he just goes: 

“You any good at making scrambled eggs?”

Actually the good part wasn’t involved, it was just a “scrambled eggs” reference as it was 8 in the morning, breakfast time.

“yes sure!!”

“okay, here we have two boxes of 20, we probably need all of them” ( in my mind: ALL OF THEM?!). The funniest thing was, I was trying to keep it cool, but than one of the photo assistants whispers:“ no pressure” (screaming)

So you can imagine me standing in the kitchen, making a 20 egg scrambled eggs for a hungry team who needs to energise. And in this situations you don’t really mention that you are more of a “ I will make the vibes right while you cook type” of girl, so I stand there feeling like an Mamma in the south of Italy feeding all the grandchildren, but I had one thought. If only anyone can see what I’m doing right now who knows the truth ? I had mini historical laughs.

So this is a funny story, but its funny because I took it that way. I wish there would be a secret recipe of how to be emotionally prepared for any job you do, but as prepared you think you are there always will be something to challenge you, sometimes you have to do something for the first time, which is great, as the last thing you want is being bored. If mentally you are taking it as a badass, and know at the end of the day we are all humans, it will be all right. Then it ends up being a story that when you tell people they go: “I like how he she took that and turned it into her own good.

The shoot was amazing, my scrambled eggs turned out pretty phenomenal and it is in my top 5 jobs I’ve enjoyed the most.


This story involves me, a suit case and an English pub. Again referencing my earlier post, you should know that no other people are involved in this story. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 20.22.53.png

I was running to get to a PR appointment in London. It was getting late in the afternoon, so it means two things. Getting to the showroom of the PR agency before it closes, because you don’t want to do this run the next day again, and getting there with a suitcase in case of picking up. So my mind goes: grab the suit case quickly and just go!

Half way trough my walk to the station I get a phone call saying: “Actually the suitcase will not be needed”. Halllelujah! (sorry don’t remember the reasons and details why) but why is this important. This means I can run through the city and public transport without the suit case, as a normal human being, and I will have my hands.  Okay, my brain thinks of all the possibilities to how I can ditch that suitcase but time management is more important than that suitcase. I end up having no time to turn back and leave it, so when my childish brain spots a coffee shop at the corner of the stations, my brain thinks its such a good idea to negotiate if if I could leave it there while I get my shit done and than will come back later. 

The coffee shop peeps are the sweetest, they had no problem with me leaving it there. I tell them on my way back i will pick it up. I go to the appointment, my afternoon turned out to be an amazing late afternoon and I finish the day in peace. Unexpectedly in peace. 

But Kiki what about the suitcase? Kiki totally forgets about that suitcase.

This is no good! I go to the coffee shop, but it already closed. It’s not a night club, it’s a coffee shop, so it obviously closes before 9 pm. Daaa

My brain: how are you gonna do this without anyone noticing a missing suitcase and of course worst case scenario, where do I get the same suitcase from, and that I don’t wanna spend money on that. 

Okay I check when it opens the next day. I’m the first costumer in the morning, I’m like: “Hey you guys, I left a suitcase yesterday here? Casually, I do that all the time right. They go, hmm well it’s not here ( I forget to blink at this point), and when something is going terribly wrong I start laughing. And than they go: “You see that pub 2 corners down there, try there. Im so desperate I don’t even question why. I walk into the pub. “Hey you guys, I have a weird question but do you by any chance have a suitcase waiting for me?” The guy tells me he will check and leaves me in the empty pub. Longest 20 seconds of my life. For my victory he walks to me carrying that suitcase and says ”a bit weird seeing an empty suitcase but here you are”.  I leave the pub with a smile on my face but now. How do I sneak that back without anyone realising it was gone? I’m so close to the finish line. Thank god everybody owned their business and I managed to take it back to the studio. I seemed like I was doing my job . Win win at the end!


So here are these two stories, true stories. In both these stories there are multiple events where stuff could have gone terribly wrong. I’m sure you have some similar stories which by the way I would love to hear, but the main thing is that you always manage at the end. The inner leader will sort you out and you succeed by believing in yourself even when things look like they are covered in deep shit. These unexpected surprises will always happen to us, but you will always  face them and see the fun in them. And manage them with only mini breakdowns (or no breakdowns:) )))

So this is my grand finale, I loved talking to you and loved being part of THE 4 OF US for a little. Thanks for the opportunity again and for a special start to this year for me. <3