THE 4 OF US - Sara Skjoldnes. Photographed by Chris Harris Photography

We are now one week into 2019 and it feels a lot like January 2018. Of course loads has changed in my life in the last year, for example this is the first January in like forever when I’m not a student anymore. But that’s not what I mean when I say that ‘it feels the same’, I mean my actions, thought and goals feels exactly the same as January 2018 (and 2017, 2016, 2015… you get the point). Is it just me, or does it sometimes feel that we are just on a loop when it comes to the end and the beginning of a year? This whole enjoying Christmas 110%, only to rectify it all with a ‘fresh and healthy start’ to the new year. I for one feel like every January in my adult life has pretty much been the same.

On one side I tend to feel a bit down when January comes. For me, Christmas is just so very special, and once it is over it feels a bit sad to go back to normality again. Having to deal with the consequences of completely over-indulging during December (always completely worth it btw, but still annoying once January comes). But then I always pick myself up by making all these plans for how amazing I’m going to be in this brand new year - I’ll heavily cut down on alcohol, be super good with money (not to mention earn loads of money), work out all the time and finally achieve the fitness level I always wanted but never managed to reach, learn a new language, always get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night, drink 2 litres of water every day…. The list goes on.

I know it’s not just me thinking like this, I know we are all genuinely planning to be the very best version of ourselves for the new year. There’s of course nothing wrong with that. Sleeping more, working out more and swapping alcohol with water is of course all things that will do wonders for our health. But the fact that I am so very predictable has really made me giggle over the last week. Every single inspirational ‘January-headline’ out there has at some point been going through my mind. But hey, its a ‘New Year’ so it’s time for a ‘New Me’ :P


All photos in this post is by   Chris Harris Photography  .

All photos in this post is by Chris Harris Photography.

Apologies for sounding a bit pessimistic and sarcastic when it comes to all of this, I do of course think it is great that we are able to just go all out and truly enjoy Christmas and what this festive season has to offer. And of course, we can’t live like that every day of the year…. January by default will always be (for me at least) a repair-month. Ok, so one outcome of Christmas for me is that I always gain a bit of extra weight. Eating whatever you fancy (and some more) over Christmas will do that to you, but whatever! I couldn’t care less about that to be honest as this will rectify itself once I’m back to my normal routines and habits. However, the thing I have noticed very well after this Christmas which I do mind a bit is the impact it has had on my skin. The very yummy but not so healthy food combined with a too-high alcohol intake has not done wonders for my skin. The eczema around my nose is back, I have more breakouts than usual, and in general my skin looks very tired and unhealthy. Blah - that is going to change fast! Zsanett already wrote about her three favourite products she uses to help her skin ‘Bounce Back After Christmas’, a post that I can highly recommend for those who are struggling with the same post-Christmas skin as Zsanett and I are currently dealing with. Having good products to help your skin is of course very important, but I guess in this post I just want to add a bit more about the importance of your every-day habits and how this is an absolute necessity to achieve heathy skin.

I can already see a great improvement in my skin, just by one week of cutting down on alcohol and by eating cleaner, including loads of fruits and vegetables to my diet. Drinking enough water, and sweating out all the Christmas-toxins is also an important part to the skin-healing. After speaking with Annabell about my current skin concerns she recommended I start taking some pro-biotic to improve the health of my gut. I always thought that this is only something you need to take whilst on antibiotics or before traveling, but why not treat your belly well at all times!? A happy gut is key to a healthy body - and the gut certainly gets it’s fair share of challenges during Christmas, so lets be extra kind to it now in January.

The cold air and the dry heated inside-air is also not doing wonders for our skin, so we need to help it out by treating our bodies well both from the outside, but also from the inside!! So continue to be predictable and lets stay on this ‘January-bandwagon’ together - let's treat our bodies amazingly in January (and hopefully it will stick for the rest of the year too).

Happy New Year everyone! May 2019 be a great one :)