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We are now back from our much needed spring break and there are some exciting new changes! We have now re branded as ‘TODAY WE LOVE’ which, unsurprisingly, we love!

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Let’s start with the biggest change, which is that the blog is now run by Annabell and Sara.

THE 4 OF US was originally founded by Annabell, Sara and Zsanett, with a guest blogger joining every month. The 3 of us have been running the blog as equal partners for the best part of 3 years now, accomplishing amazing things together, including winning several awards at The UK Blog Awards in 2018!

We are very proud of what we have built up over the years. Running a blog takes a lot of time and effort and even with 3 people involved it’s more or less a full-time job. Zsanett has for a while been wanting to focus more of her time on a different career path, which has proven difficult whilst working on THE 4 OF US. It was a tough decision leaving the blog, but now she is able to put her time, energy and focus towards a new career. We wish her all the best of luck and will miss having her as our business partner.

THE 4 OF US was a project built by all 3 of us, and it didn’t feel right to continue in the exact same way as before (plus of course the name no longer made any sense at all!). We have therefore decided to relaunch the blog under a brand new name ‘TODAY WE LOVE’ and with a slightly different concept.

Moving forward we will continue to have guest contributors, as we love the varied input this gives our readers, but this won't follow a continuous pattern like before. We want our platform to be a space where inspiring people can share their expertise and passions with you, either as a one-off post, over several posts, or as a monthly feature.

Most of our content will be shared on Instagram only, meaning that there will be fewer monthly posts here on our website. On Instagram, you can expect us to post daily, whilst on todaywelove.uk we will share longer and more detailed posts approximately once a week.

Our main focus will be on beauty and skincare related topics. As models, appearance and a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance, and is naturally one of the key focus points for todaywelove.uk.

We will, alongside our guests, also continue to share experiences from the modelling profession, as well as sharing insights into our exciting lives in London.

Modelling means travelling - so we get the opportunity to visit remote places across the globe creating unique blog posts, with tips about the best things to see, hotels, restaurants etc.

All in all, TODAY WE LOVE  is a blog that caters to a wide and ever-growing, predominantly female audience with the combination of modelling, fashion, beauty, travelling and general London tips, combined with input from guest contributors.

We hope you like the changes and we look forward to continuing our journey with you!


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xxx Annabell & Sara