August is the holiday month, and a time where our skin usually is very exposed to the sun and its UV rays. Sunshine is lovely, and also much needed for us who live here in London were feeling the sun warm your skin is a rare luxury through the year. However, we need to keep our skin protected! A lot of people tend to want to keep their skin looking youthful and healthy for as long as possible, and UV rays are the number 1 cause of skin damage such as wrinkles and age spots. We have therefore decided to have a high focus on SPF products this month, to show just how easy it is to keep your skin protected!


Luckily there are loads of great SPF products out there, which means we can enjoy the sunshine, whilst looking after our skin at the same time. Liberty has one of Londons best beauty departments, where you can find a wide variety of high-quality skincare products. We, therefore, went to Liberty London and picked out some SPF products that we wanted to test out this summer (all products were gifted to us by Liberty).

In this post, you can read about all the SPF products we have tested.

Hourglass Hyalluronic Skin Tint with SPF.jpg

comes in 12 different shades and offers the skin a lot of hydration as well as medium UV protection with its 15 SPF. This product is both skincare and makeup, as it gives you moderate coverage as well as being a moisturiser. We found that this tinted day cream gives medium coverage, yet natural coverage. It definitely helps even out the skin tone and gives more coverage than what you’d expect from a tinted moisturiser, still it doesn’t leave the skin looking caked up. We are all for makeup which leaves the skin looking natural and real. This product does that.

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Aesop protective lip banm spf 30.jpg

Don’t forget about your lips!

This lip balm from Aesop contains SPF 30, and is made with zinc oxide, tocopherol, caster seed and jojoba. Keeping the lips soft and healthy!

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Kiehl's and REN spf face cream.jpg

The Ultra Light Daily UV Defense from Kiehl’s is an aqua gel for the face and protects against both UVA and UVB rays. We love the fact that this product has SPF 50 in it, and feels light and easy to apply at the same time. It’s not actually that easy to find sunscreens for the face with SPF 50 in it. The other thing we love about this is that it also contains pollution protection technology, which is a must when living in cities like London! The water-light formula is best suited for normal to oily skin types.

The Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 from REN, is a mattifying sunscreen. When we get hot, like we usually do whilst in the sun, it is very normal to get a bit of a shiny forehead. Many people like this glowy and dewy summer-look, but if you are someone who doesn’t like this - then the Clean Screen Mineral from REN is the product for you. It truly does what the package says - it mattifies! This effect makes it a great base for makeup. However, the mattifying effect does makes the cream a bit difficult to apply - you really have to work it well for the skin to fully absorb it. It also makes you look a little bit paler than your natural skin tone. Again, this is a fantastic product for anyone who wants to protect their skin and avoid the ‘shiny’ forehead look at the same time. The main thing we love about this product is that it doesn’t contain any chemical UV filters or silicone.

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SU protective sun cream spf 30.jpg

2 IN 1

The SU sun cream from Davines can be used both for the body and face. There’s not a lot of sunscreens for the body that can be used on the face as well, they often contain a lot of perfume for example, which is too harsh for the sensitive skin on our face. This cream, however, is very mild, with citrus myrtifolia extract.

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The sunshine is not all bad for us. As well as making us feel lovely, it also gives us vitamin D. We all need vitamin D because it helps build and maintain strong bones. Our bodies produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. This is the main way of getting this vitamin, but it can also be found in foods such as egg yolks, fresh or tinned oily fish like mackerel and sardines, fish liver oils and some margarines and fortified cereals. (source: