Bright colours aren’t just suitable for summer. We have created this bronze and coral makeup look that we believe is perfect for autumn! Scroll down to find out how to re-create it.

Makeup toturial.jpg


Here’s an overview of all the different products I’ve used for this makeup look. Please note that some of them have been gifted to us by the brands, whilst others are products that I have bought.

Step 1 - face.JPG


I started creating this look by applying the Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint (gifted). This skin tint has medium coverage, and is great for making the skin tone more even, without looking too ‘cakey’. It also contains SPF15, which is still important outside of summer.

I recently discovered the Lasting Radiance Concealer by Rimmel London. It’s great for covering up spots, as well as even out areas that usually need a bit more coverage like around the nose for example. I’m using shade 030-Classic Beige.

As the skin underneath the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of our face, I use a different concealer for that area. Here I use a very light stretch concealer from Glossier, which comes as a mousse. This product is available in 12 shades and personally, I’m using the G10 shade.


On my cheeks, I used a coral blusher from The Body Shop which I bought years ago. I’ve used it so much that the lid has now fallen off. The colour is called 06 Guava, and it’s stunning. The brush I’m using for my cheeks is one that was just gifted to me by Mary Kay. It’s really nice, and the brush is slightly angled so that it gives a nice shape to the cheeks when applying the blusher. Due to the angle of the blush, you don’t get that circle ‘clown shape’ which bigger more rounded brushes can easily do.

This duo contouring pallet from Charlotte Tilbury, called Filmstar Bronze & Glow, is just fantastic (gifted)! One side is for bronzing and the other is for highlighting. For this look, I only used the highlighter, which I applied to my cheekbones, to the tip of my nose, and my cupids bow. The contouring brush is also by Charlotte Tilbury, and is called ‘Powder & Sculpt’.

Step 3 - eyes.JPG


There’s no eyeshadow for this look, only a bronze eyeliner. I use a metallic copper coloured eyeliner from NYX (gifted), that I think creates a nice frame around the eyes. I start by applying this all the way across the edge of my upper eyelid. Under my eyes, I start in the outer corner and make my way into the middle of my eye. I always stop in the middle as I don’t like to use eyeliner all the way across the bottom of my eye, as I think this can look a bit too harsh sometimes.

I usually find that it it's to much hassle to apply two different mascaras, however with this combination from Rimmel London it is worth it. My lashes look so long av voluminous when I use these products. You start by applying a layer of the Ultimate Boost Volume Primer, before applying a rich layer of the Wonder’Luxe Volume Mascara. You’ll get the best result when using both however, I often skip the primer if I’m in a rush. The mascara also works great on its own.

On my brows I used the Precious Brow Liner from Mary Kay (gifted), shade ‘brunette’. It is super thin, and great for creating a natural brow look. You can even use it to draw in more ‘hairs’.

Step 5 - lips.JPG


We are now at the very last step for this look, the lips. Start by applying a lip liner. I used the Coral Lip liner also from Mary Kay (gifted). This liner has quite a soft consistency, which means that you won’t get this hard line around the edge of your lips. Use the lip liner across the edge of both your upper and lower lip. Draw it in a tiny tiny bit above where you lips finish, making your lips look slightly bigger. But don’t go too crazy with the liner, you still want it to look natural.

The finishing touch and the most important part of this look is the bright lip colour. One of my new favourite products is the Provence Sunset Fruity Lipstick from L’Occitane. It gives a strong colour at the same time as being slightly sheer. The product is almost a mixture between a lipstick and a tinted lip balm. The colour is called 040 Gor-Juice Pomelo, and it is stunning. great for the glowy summer look, but also the perfect colour to brighten up your autumn makeup.

And there you have it, the makeup-look is complete! Please do share with us any images of you testing this out yourself :)