Since we've been having this tradition of writing blog posts about cute cafés in London, we thought it would be a good idea to make a collection of what we think are the most photogenic cafes around town! As you can imagine, us bloggers are ALWAYS on the look out for "Instagrammable" spots, as we always need loads of content. Not only for our blog, but for our Instagram as well. A good looking account is key in this business. So once we find a spot with a nice floor, wall, tables or lots of light, we feel like we found gold, no joke! ;)

Discovering all the right spots actually involve a lot of scrolling on Instagram and Googling, so in case you are a fellow blogger, or just someone who enjoys a cup of coffee and a nibble in a beautiful environment, we got you! :) 



Palm Vaults is one of our favourites, you will find all the pink cuteness in there you'll ever need.. The tables, the take away cups, donuts, lavender latte, plants hanging from the ceiling, awesome magazines.. EVERYTHING you need for a great shot! Or a hundred.. ;)

We've already done a blog post on Palm Vaults, so click HERE if you want to find out more about them! :)



Farm Girl is located in London's famous Portobello Road, and it's been on our wish list for a while now, as we've tried to get in TWICE, and both times the queue was so long, we gave up after a while of waiting. As you can see from the images I (Zsanett) collected from their website, place couldn't be any more picture perfect. We also love that they are bringing the Australian Cafe Culture to London with their holistic, healthy and simple approach. 


I actually heard about MILK Cafe from Sara a while ago, and always wanted to go check it out as she really liked it. So we set up a little brunch-blog meeting, brought the camera, and couldn't be happier with the result! The place is just super cute, and has so many details that are picture worthy - I had the hardest time making a decision on which photos I should include in this blog post! You'll find Milk in Balham in South London, and I really suggest you go check it out! Food is delicious and affordable, they have big bright windows, white brick walls and an open kitchen so you can see the chef working. Not to mention the cutest little tea pots! :)



You'll find Bourne & Hollingsworth in Clerkenwell, not too far from King's Cross station! This all-day brasserie has an aria for every occasion needed - from having a coffee with friends on the sofa, to dining in the back, to cocktails at their bar! So not exactly a cafe, but since there are loads of comfy sofas and coffee tables as you enter, we thought it'd pass for a cafe.. ;)


Once again, Aubaine isn't a cafe, it's actually a French restaurant, but since they have a lovely selection of cakes, delicious coffee, and most importantly - fantastic interior, it made the cut! :) Aubaine actually has eight restaurants around London, but this one in Selfridges is a definite must if you are seeking a gorgeous back drop for that perfect shot! You'll find white furniture, beautiful lilac plants hanging from the ceiling, windowsills filled with lavender, beautiful tiles for that 'perfect flat lay coffee pic', and loads of light! :)